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Piper, No Piping!

Name: Piper
Breed: German Shepherd
Location:  Websterville, Vt
Human: Hannah

Piper, no piping! This one and a half year old German Shepherd pup loves to howl when she gets excited and believe me, she’s excited all the time. Whether she’s happy you came home, begging for treats or eager for a walk, this child is a mouthy one! If you just did a double-take, I don’t blame you. Her raven black coat makes her look like her primal ancestor, the wolf. read more read more

Koda, the Little Angel

Name: Koda
Breed: Domestic Long Hair Main Coon Mix
Location:  Waterbury, CT
Human: Kim Dodge

Koda will always be momma’s little boy!

He was born January 12 and was waiting for the right owner to come along. Kim searched and searched for the perfect kitty until she found Koda! She happily picked him up on March 2nd and ever since then, he has been her purrfect little boy. read more read more