golden retriever standing by legs of a woman on the beach

10 Fun Summer Activities for You and Your Dog


golden retriever standing by legs of a woman on the beach

One of the long-term effects of global warming is the ever-rising mercury level. According to The Humane Society of the United States, the extreme summer is detrimental to your pet’s health. Did you know that animals can suffer from heat stroke? Thus, as you beat the heat this summer, make sure your pet is able to cope too.

Your pet’s well-being is your responsibility. Your pooch is a part of your family and hence, it is important to keep him safe and in good health. Here are a few enjoyable things to do so that you and your pet dog can have a great summer.

1. Walk and Exercise with Your Mutt

Early morning hours are cooler compared to afternoons. Morning is the ideal time for going on a long walk with your dog. Carry a ball or a Frisbee with you. Dogs like chasing flying objects and it is a good form of exercise too. When left alone, pets tend to get bored and upset. They vent their frustration by chasing other pets and chewing on sofas or shoes. Indulging in physical activity can prevent this. Walks are also important for their physical and mental development.


a pitbull dog mid-air, running after its chew toy with its owner standing close by.

2. Try Treat-Stuffed Toys

Digging, barking, marking their territory, and gnawing come naturally to dogs. They can get frustrated if their natural instincts are suppressed. Avoid punishing your pet pooch for improper behavior. Instead, try productive ways to keep him active. Kongs have been used for countless years by dog-owners. These are chewable playthings that bounce about when thrown. Stuff Kongs or any other toy with peanut butter, mashed banana or kibbles. Your furry friend will love the treats and look forward to having more.

a beauceron and australian shepherd mixed breed dog walking in an urban park with a red chew toy in its mouth.

3. Stay Cool and Hydrated

In summers, encourage your dog to drink more water than he usually does. Try adding a little flavor to the fluids he consumes. Add tuna water or beef/lamb/chicken broth to the fresh water bowl. Keep multiple bowls of water in shaded and cool spots. Older pets are more susceptible to dehydration. Watch out for the warning signs like difficulty in breathing and a dry tongue. When it’s awfully hot, wrap icy-cool, wet bandanas around your pet’s neck. This will keep him calm and refreshed the entire day.

red puppy eats from a bowl in the garden

4. Go Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is a fun way to keep your dog’s mind active. Every once in a while, take him to the woods or to a riverside and begin by hiding a treat or a favorite toy somewhere obvious. Let him watch as you hide it. In the beginning, set your dog up for success so that he understands the game. Later, increase the difficulty level to keep him motivated. Hide the delicacies in places where your dog can use his sense of smell to investigate. Reward your dog well when he succeeds.

 woman and child giving treats to dogs

5. Make Frozen Delights

Frozen delights are one of the fastest routes to your mutt’s heart. Whip together a variety of seasonal fruits and make appetizing popsicles this summer, or try the Cool Pup Popsicles. Enjoying fruit popsicles is the healthiest, coolest and quickest way to beat the summer heat. Your canine companion will love these frozen treats. You don’t need anything besides a few minutes, some basic ingredients and a freezer to prepare them. You can use watermelons, strawberries, peaches, bananas, pineapples, fruit juices, yogurts, meat and chicken broth, carrots, peas, and beans. Use your creativity and make sweet and savory popsicles.

the cute hound drinks a cocktail in bar on a beach

6. Keep a Separate Splash-Zone in the Lawn

Most dogs love to play in sprinklers placed in lawns. A sprinkler will operate like a fun-zone for your kids and pet. Encourage your dog to play around it in the heat. This will help regulate his body temperature too.

dog jack russell terrier summer sun splashes

7. Hit the Beach

A good number of popular beaches are dog-friendly. However, you must be aware of the beach rules before you head to one. Most rules refer to observing pet etiquette and cleanliness. It is also crucial to know whether or not your dog needs to be on a leash. Carry a leash to be safe. In the case that your dog can move around without restraint, make sure he is in your control. Whether you take a dip in the sea or play a game of Frisbee along the shore, beach visits are great fun. Your four-legged family member will love going to the beach and will be extremely grateful for the fun.

portrait of a happy couple with dogs at the beach

8. Go for a Drive-in Movie Date

A drive-in movie or an outdoor movie night at a local park can be an amazing experience for you and your pet. There is nothing like watching a movie under the stars with your best buddy. Your pet also gets to socialize with other pets.


young dog , maltese puppy looking out the car window

9. Explore Your City

Involve your dog in a little bit of city sight-seeing. There is no shortage of pet-friendly establishments in the United States. Several cruises, boat trips, restaurants, museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, and shopping malls are open to having pets. Your canine pal can enjoy with you while you visit these dog-friendly destinations.

woman with dog and shopping bags

10. Go Out Camping

Camping is almost synonymous with summer. A number of provincial, state and city park campsites are open to pets, provided they are on a leash. In fact, a number of parks have gone the extra mile in making these sites pet-friendly. They provide pet cabins on rent and off-leash play areas too.

Camping does take you closer to nature, but it can also expose your pet to a variety of health concerns. Talk to the veterinarian and work out a plan for your pet. It is better to read all about pet wellness before you set out camping.

two cute little sisters hugging dog puppy. friendship and care concept

Summer is a time for lots of fun activities with family and pets. Yet, you must be aware of the soaring temperature and its effects on your pet. Don’t overdo outdoor activities if it is too hot. Watch out for any signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke in your pet. In the summer, everyone looks forward to spending time outdoors. Use the tips shared in this post to have fun with your pet while staying safe.

About the Author:
Erica Montes is a digital content editor for LiveWellTesting based in sunny San Diego, California. She is immersed in the healthcare industry and is the go-to-person for health and wellness tips. In her free time, she enjoys making “healthy” dessert alternatives and trying to get as many Fitbit steps as possible. Here you may read all about pet wellness.

woman hugs with her dog sitting on mountain over sea view.

10 Must-Have Travel Items For Your Pet


woman hugs with her dog sitting on mountain over sea view.

Spring has come and gone; Summer is now here! You know what that means? It’s vacation time! Every pet owner hates leaving their fur children home alone. Why not take them with you on the trip? Here are some essential items you’ll need to travel with your pet.

1. Outward Hound Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector

Are we there yet? If you’ve ever taken a road trip with your pup, you know that they can get pretty distracting while driving, especially when they want to play. This hammock keeps your pet contained and safe for the ride while reducing distractions too!

Outward Hound Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector

2. Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls

Taking your pet’s bowls on the trip can be bulky. Thankfully, Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls have a collapsible design that can fold down to fit right into your back pocket!Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowl 3 Cup - Assorted

3. Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl

It’s a water bottle and a bowl all in one! Ever wanted to take your pup on a hike but never had room to pack water for them? This portable water bottle can be clipped on your belt or waistband for maximum convenience. When it’s time for a drink, simply release the wide mouth opening for your dog.

Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl - 20 oz

4. Dr. Harvey’s Relax Stress & Tension Supplement for Dogs

Traveling can be stressful for pets. If your pup is showing signs of nervousness or hyperactivity, calm them down with this relaxing herbal blend!

Dr. Harvey's Relax Stress & Tension Supplement for Dogs (7 oz)

5. ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt

If you’re not a fan of herbs, here is an alternative solution to calm your nervous pup. This compression shirt swaddles your dog with a gentle pressure to keep them calm!

ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt - Large

6. Bergan Voyager Pet Carrier

No need to downgrade your style just because you’re traveling. Carry your pets around in this fashionable carrier that includes pockets to store all your pet essentials.Bergan Voyager Pet Carrier - Medium/Large Black (13" x 19" x 10")

7. Lil’ Bitz Training Treats

Don’t tell me you were planning a trip without bringing treats. Lil’ Bitz Training Treats are low-calorie, healthy dog treats that are perfect for both training your pup or simply rewarding a good boy. These natural dog treats are mouthwatering and absolutely irresistible!

Lil' Bitz Wild Salmon + Kelp Training Treats (4 oz)

8. Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Wipes

Adventures are exciting for pets and humans alike! It’s not uncommon to cave into the excitement and perhaps roll in a puddle of mud. With a bathtub not readily available, these all-natural grooming wipes are perfect for cleaning on the go!

Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Wipes (100 count)

9. Vetri Repel Spray

Warm weather + forests and grass = FLEAS. Fleas and ticks aren’t even the only parasites that thrive during warm months; mosquitoes and other biting bugs are ready to feast too. Keep your pets protected with Vetri Repel Spray to keep pests away!

Vetri Repel Spray (8 oz)

10. Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Large Dogs

If your pup has unfortunately fallen victim to a flea and tick infestation, Seresto Flea & Tick Collars are the top selling solutions to biting bugs. These collars work to eliminate current infestations and also keep your pet protected from pests for up to 8 whole months!

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Large Dogs

dog relaxing on a fancy deck chair

8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

dog relaxing on a fancy deck chair

With the summertime comes nice weather and heat. While many people enjoy the warmth, too much of this heat is not good for a dog. The dog can overheat and suffer serious health consequences. There are some steps to keeping your cool this summer.

1. Cool Beds

Cooling beds like the Slumber Pet Cool Pup Mat and Cool Bed III will keep your pet comfortable in the heat. The bed was specially designed so that heat will go back into the air and off the bed. Cool beds have a cool core in the center that is filled with water. This will allow the bed to absorb the body temperature of the dog and allow the dog to lay on a bed that is room temperature. This will help a dog that is getting too hot in the summer. The beds will be able to resist the heat and will provide a cool feeling for the dog.

parson jack russell terrier resting on his bed, with selective focus on eyes

2. Pup Popsicles

The Cool Pup Popsicles will give a dog something to chew on and will help cool them down. The toy can be filled with water and placed in the freezer. It will take about two hours for the water inside to freezer after this the dog can chew on this and cool down. This toy comes in the shape of an ice pop as well. These treats will allow a dog to chew on something cold. This will help cool them down and keep them busy at the same time.

the cute hound drinks a cocktail in bar on a beach

3. Guardian Gear Cool Pup Faucet Waterer

This waterer can make it easy for a dog to get a cool drink when they are thirsty outside. All they need to do is lick at this waterer and they can get some cool water. This device can attach to an outdoor faucet or hose so a dog can enjoy a drink whenever they need it. When the pet is thirsty all they need to do is go up and suck on the wateter. Water will come out helping the pet stay hydrated.

6482375 - dog german shepherd eating or drinking from bowl painted in bones in home. horizontal, color image.

4. Portable Bowl

Dogs like to go hiking and go out with their owner when the weather is nice. The owner has to make sure the dog stays hydrated and has plenty to drink. Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls are easy to carry. All a person has to do is pop it open, fill it with water, and let the dog drink. It can be closed again when the dog is done. The bowl comes in many different colors. The best part is that when you fold it up, it is small enough to keep in a travel bag or purse.

young woman with her dog walking on meadow.

5. Bandana

A bandana is a great way to keep the pet cool while giving them some style. Choose a bandana that is made with polymer crystals. They are no toxic and can absorb heat. This will help cool the dog down. They will be able to keep the dog’s skin dry and absorb sweat. Bandanas come in sizes ranging from those that fit extra small dogs to extra large dogs.

dog in mountains hiking with red bandana

6. Cooler Bed Cover

If a person already has a bed for their dog this cooling cover can make it more comfortable. These thermo-regulated covers will allow the pet to be comfortable when resting. The broadcloth will allow the coolness from the bed to transfer to the cover to soothe a hot pet. If a person does not want to purchase a bed with separate cooling material this cover can help keep the dog cool and prevent them from overheating especially in their sleep.

dog is lying on back on the bed - selective focus

7. Cooling Collars

The Kool Collars will help cool a pet down on a hot summer day. There is an ice pack that is frozen and then put inside the collar. This will help comfort the pet and given them an instant feeling of coolness. The ice will stay in the collar and will provide comfort for 30-50 minutes. This is a great way to cool the pet down when it gets hot out. This special ice pack is designed to go right into the collar providing instant relief from the heat.

red with white puppy for a walk

8. Kong Aqua

The Kong Aqua toy was designed for water play. The Kong still comes in the same shape that dogs love. This toy will float in the water. A person can throw the Kong in the lake, pool, or other body of water and it will float so the dog can get it. This is a great way to help cool the dog down and have some fun. The Kong toy will still be strong enough to stand up to even tougher chewers.

jack russell terrier dog swimming in aqua blue pool.

These are some ways that a person can help their dog stay cool in the summer. People love to play with their dogs outside. They need to take measures to keep the dog from overheating so everyone can enjoy the summer fun.

About the Author:

Mackenzie Grove is a blogger and writer from Canada. She is a pet lover, owner over the last 10 years and worked on a growing pet business for almost 3 years. Now she is writing for Dogclippersly. Check out her latest article about dog dental care.

mother and her two sons in the park with a golden retriever dog

10 Things To Do With Your Pet & Kids This Summer

mother and her two sons in the park with a golden retriever dog

Dogs are a great addition to the family, especially if you have children. They are a source of comfort for children. Whenever kids feel afraid, sad or angry, they can always turn to their pet. Taking care of a dog also encourages an active lifestyle. Kids with dogs exercise more often as compared to non-dog owners because most dogs will require daily walks and runs. A dog’s adorable, irresistible eyes will definitely motivate children to go out for a walk even when they are not feeling up to it.

When the weather starts to warm up after winter, human beings are not the only ones who get eager about spending time outdoors. Dogs are delighted with the arrival of summer too. Spending quality time under the warm sunshine and enjoying the refreshing breeze outdoors can greatly benefit you, your kids and your pup. Here are some activities you can try with the whole family!

1. Hide and Seek

Dogs and kids love to play hide and seek. This is a fun and interactive game that can be played with a dog toy, like a bouncy dog ball. Make your dog “stay” and then make your move to hide the ball. After that, ask your dog to find the ball. Each time your dog finds it, give him rewards to keep him happy and engaged!

brown sheltie playing with green ball toy

2. Camping

Instead of taking your furry friend to a pet care center if you go on a vacation, bring him along for the trip. Camping trips can be fun for both your kids and your dog. This will give them a chance to spend quality time exploring the great outdoors. They will definitely thank you for the new environment and new smells to discover.

family walking dog through winter woodland

3. Swimming

Both children and dogs love the idea of having fun in the water. Bring them to one of the best beaches near your area or perhaps to a nearby river. Let them splash around and play fetch in the water. Do not forget to bring some sunscreen, dog accessories and life jackets!

dog on airbed in the pool

4. Treat Finding

Use colorful cups and hide a treat inside one of them. Keep them upside down. Let your dog find the cup containing the treat. For added fun, spread the cup around and watch how your children and dog interact.

domestic dog waiting for biscuit in the garden

5. Biking

Search for dog-friendly parks in your area. Take out the bikes, grab a leash and hit the streets. Going outdoors and bringing your kids along with your dog is an excellent way for them to bond with one another, as well as to get a good workout.

30835474 - jack russel parson terrier running  toward the camera, low angle high speed shot

6. Dog Training

Let your kids train your dog so he knows some of the basic commands such as lie down, stay, and sit. You can actually look for training courses that are offered in your area. These courses are usually done outdoors, giving your kids and pet an opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather.

hipster girl playing with dog at a beach during sunset, strong lens flare effect

7. Shopping

Accompany your kids to take your dog for a walk. Search for dog-friendly cafes and shops. Many pet supply stores, for instance, are often fine with dogs coming in with their owners. After that, head to dog-friendly cafes where you can all relax, bask in the sun and order something to eat before heading home.

a water bowl for dogs and a sign at a florist shop in the uk

8. Bubble Game

Let your kids use a bubble making toy and blow bubbles around while the dog chases them.

little girl and her puppy enjoy flying dandelions. child resting in a park under a large tree.

9. Running

Look for an open area with lots of space where your kids and your dog can run freely. Your children can even practice playing fetch with your dog using toys like soccer balls, Frisbees, tennis balls, and stuffed animals. This can help enhance your dog’s coordination skills.

woman and dog running free on beach on golden sunset  fitness girl and her pet working out together

10. Game of Tug

Lastly, this game can be super fun when played responsibly. Today, there are lots of fetch and tug toys in the market to ensure an enjoyable outdoor game of tug. However, if your dog shows signs of aggression, switch the game to fetching right away.

sweet brown and white puppy playing with purple chew toy on grass


About the Author:

Farah Al-Khojai is the Managing Partner of Pet’s Delight,  a leading supplier of pet accessories and dog food in Dubai. A passionate entrepreneur, Farah holds a Bsc in Government from the London School of Economics.

portrait of little girl outdoors in summer with dog eating watermelon

7 Things Your Pet Needs This Summer

portrait of little girl outdoors in summer with dog eating watermelon

It’s time for some fun in the sun! With the hot vacation season coming up, it’s important to pack up some essentials you’ll need for your pet to stay cool and healthy for uninterrupted summer fun. Don’t leave your pets out of the best season of the year!

1. Cooling Beds

Summer means hot days and nights. A good cooling bed like the Canine Cooler will give your dog a cool spot to chill out and get relief from the sweltering heat! You can use it indoors, outdoors and even in the travel crate (away from direct sunlight, of course) to keep it cool anywhere you go. The Canine Cooler is extremely easy to use and doesn’t even require refrigeration! You simply add water and voila, a fluid-enhanced cooling bed that works at room temperature!

Alternatively, check out COOLAROO Pet Bed! This bed is made of a breathable fabric that is flea and mite resistant. We all know how pests love to roam during the warm summer months, so this is a perfect resting place for your pet to stay cool.

adorable cool dude dog wearing sunglasses laying on the beach

2. PUPsicles

While you’re enjoying that ice cream cone on a hot summer day, your dog can munch on a Cool Pup Popsicle! These chew toys are perfect for cooling your pet during the harsh heat of summer. They’ll love licking up the cool water that seep out from the holes as the toy defrosts, just like a real popsicle! Aside from the cooling effects, the view of your pup chomping down on a popsicle is adorably priceless!

a shetland sheepdog eating ice cream

3. Sunscreen

Yes, that’s right. There’s sunscreen for pets too! When you’re out on the poolside or running around the beach, your furry friends need protection from those harsh UVB rays as much as you do, especially if your buddy has light skin or a pink nose. Dogs tend to have more sensitive skin than humans so instead of using human sunscreen on your dog, Doggles Pet Sunscreen is specially formulated to suit a dog’s skin. This formula protects your pet from sunburns while also conditioning their coat! It’s a 2-in-1 deal breaker!

winner dog on sand mountain top above everyone looking very cool

4. Aloe

Even with sunscreen to protect us, there is always that occasional sunburn when the rays are too strong. If your pet get’s burned a relaxing bath with Vet Solutions Aloe and Oatmeal Conditioner will soothe their skin and relieve the burns. Aloe is famous for its soothing properties especially on sunburns while oatmeal is rising star in relieving sunburns and moisturizing the skin.

sweet puppy dog in playing pose on grass at the green meadow

5. Lotion

The summer heat brings dry skin through dehydration, air conditioners and clogged pores even on our pets! Cracked paws and chapped noses are no fun for any pup, that’s why a good moisturizer like Burt’s Bees Paw & Nose Lotion for Dogs made with rosemary and olive oil is perfect to keep on hand during the dry heat. Burt’s Bees taps into the power of nature to provide safe and natural ingredients to keep your pet’s wellness in tip top shape!

beagle dog on a meadow in the autumn park

6. Travel Water Bottles

Stay hydrated on the go! That includes you and your pup. Whether you’re on a hike in the mountains or taking a walk in the park, it’s important to keep water on hand to keep your dog cool and hydrated. Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle/Bowl is a bottle and bowl all in one convenient container! Clip it on your belt or waistband for a hands free hiking experience and easy traveling.

portrait of a puppy purebred english cocker drinking in a bowl

7. Flea & Tick Prevention

Keep biting parasites away from your furry friends! Bugs like fleas and ticks often carry transmitted diseases along with their itching bites, and it’s not fun for anyone when an infestation is carried home from an outdoor trip. Keep your pets protected by preventing the parasites from latching on in the first place! Flea collars like the popular top seller, Seresto Flea Collar, are extremely effective in repelling insects and other parasites.

outdoor portrait of cute golden labrador crossbreed with black collar

EntirelyPets offers an extensive line of product you’ll need for your pet this summer, so what are you waiting for? Go gear up on some summer essentials and let the fun begin!

About the Author:

Leslie Le is a dedicated content writer for EntirelyPets. She is passionate about spreading information and awareness to help pet owners make the best choices in caring for their furry friends.

Have You Met Lilly?

In case you haven’t met Lilly, she is a member of our EntirelyPets Collective and we are proud to sponsor her in her dock diving competitions! Team Lillysauras includes Miss Lilly and her brother Sir Hank. We look forward to sharing updates about these two!

June 5, 2017

Lilly competed in her first National DockDog event of the season this past Saturday! She was consistent with her jumps – and kept nailing a whopping 20 foot jump! This sweet girl had great jumps throughout the day, and ended up winning her first ever semi-pro finals for the big air jump! Go Lilly! This sweet girl is back on her game, and ready to take on summer!


May 22, 2017

After a long road of rehab, miss Lilly is finally back in the pool! She had a fun time competing in Colorado this past weekend, and everyone was impressed with how well she did! Lilly was set to go for her first jump, and flew a fantastic 21 feet and 8 inches! She also competed in the Speed Retrieve event and came in 6th place, breaking the 7 second mark for the first time this year. We are so happy that Lilly is back to doing what she loves and thank her human for all the love and care she devotes to this sweet pooch.

March 1, 2017

Lilly and Hank had a fun time at the beach!

February 23, 2017

Lilly is finally back in the pool! She acquired an injury last year, but her human spent tons of time working with her on her rehabilitation – and now she’s ready to get back to where she was! Over the weekend, Lilly had a great comeback. Jumping nearly as far as she had before or accident. This devoted pooch has also qualified for the AKC Eukanuba National Championships in Florida. Congrats Lilly!

April 4, 2017

Lilly has been given the green light of health from her vet! Hurrah! We are so happy to hear that her hardwork (and her human’s) paid off in her recovery. Sir Hank is happy as always, and beginning his training to be a lure course pooch.


little boy with rabbit in grass outside

4 Handmade DIY Toys for Your Bunny

grey baby rabbit in hand

A few years ago, I got a bunny. I bought all kind of toys and found great joy in watching my beloved Mr. Cookie play with it.

However, one day I stopped buying many of the small rabbit toys I’d given him.

The secret?

I started making DIY bunny toys. By making those toys myself, I discovered something: Giving your bunny toys will make it feel awesome but making those toys yourself will make you and your bunny feel awesome together. What’s even better is that these toys are so easy to make, that your kids will love making them with you.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how by making 4 very easy DIY toys for your beloved bunny.

So, let’s get started.

1. The Hanging Stuffed Toilet Roll

First off, I present The Hanging Stuffed Toilet Roll.

This is a great toy for a bunny as it will activate its muscles as well as training its mind.

What you need:

  • A string of rope
  • One toilet tube
  • Scissors
  • Hay or grass

How to make it:

  1. Tie a knot on the end of the string; This will hold the toilet tube
  2. Make a small hole with the end of the scissor in the middle of the toilet tube
  3. Pull the string to the hole until the knot is firmly holding the toilet tube
  4. Stuff with hay or grass
  5. Hang it at a height where your bunny will be on its legs

This toy works great as the bunny get on its legs, activating its muscles while trying to hold the toilet tube will gnawing on the grass. In addition, it will train its brain as it will figure out how to get the hay out while holding the toilet tube so it doesn’t swing away from it.

adorable toddler girl with beautiful curly hair wearing a white dress playing with a real bunny in a sunny living room with a big garden view window sitting on the floor

2. The Leafy Slinky

If you have a slinky to spare, this is a great toy for rabbits. It is incredibly easy to make and works great when you want your bunny to play outside of its home.

What you need:

  • A slinky
  • Leafy greens or herbs
  • A chair or table
  • An enclosed playing area

How to make it:

  1. Make sure you are in an area where the rabbit cannot run away
  2. Hang a slinky from a chair or table so that it can swing freely
  3. Insert greens into the slinky making it stick by twisting and turning it; This will make it more challenging for the bunny
  4. Let the rabbit play

This activates both the brawn and brains while you can admire the beauty of watching the bunny play.

little boy with rabbit in grass outside

3. The Roller

The next one will give your rabbit something to think about and it’s a toy used for pretty much any type of animal. You can buy these from the stores in all kind of varieties but I say, “why even bother when it’s so easy to do yourself”?

What you need:

  • A cylinder cardboard container (for example, a cracker cylinder)
  • Scissors
  • Treats

How to make it:

  1. Take the cardboard cylinder and make round holes in it
  2. Place the treats in the cylinder and make sure the holes are large enough for the treats to fall out
  3. Place the cylinder on the floor and show your bunny how to get treats out
  4. Watch your bunny play

The Roller is great for activating the senses and motor functions of your bunny to stimulate the brain.

cute rabbit on sofa, close up

4. The Baked Pine Cone

Giving your bunny something to chew on can keep it occupied for hours on end. Rabbits need something to chew on to help wear down their teeth. In nature, they chew on wood so it is great to give them either wood or pine cones to chew on.

What you need:

  • Pine Coves
  • An oven

How to make it:

  1. Collect pine cones during a trip to the forest or purchase them at a pet shop
  2. Bake the pine cones in the oven to get rid of any unwanted bugs
  3. Give it to your rabbit

The pine cone is quite simply one of the best bunny gnawing things around and it is much easier (and in many states also legal…) compared to sawing a branch of a tree.

Tip: If you do not have access to pine cones an alternative is to get Corn Husk Chews.

brown and white rabbits in the grass

Now it’s your turn

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to easy DIY bunny toys. Once you get started making your own toys, it gets hard to stop. It’s just so rewarding to watch your bunny play with stuff you’ve made with love. I hope you’re inspired to go make some toys, and if you have any questions you can ask them below – I’ll be around to answer them.

brown bunny eating carrot

About the Author:

Susan from My Perky Pet is a proud pet owner and teacher who loves to share pet tips for the benefit of pet and owner.

active seniors getting ready for a run with their dog outside in green nature

Exercising With Your Dog

With the warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to think about more adventurous ways to exercise your canine companion. No matter what breed, every dog needs some sort of physical exercise to keep them healthy and happy. We’ve got a guide from Sainsbury’s Bank on dog exercise that explores all the fun and quirky ways you can get outdoors and active with your pet.

From playing flyball in two teams of four dogs, to dog diving; there’s something for every pooch and their owner’s physical levels and interests. If you’re unsure about how much exercise your four-legged friend might need, or if a certain type of play is okay for them, make sure to have a chat with your vet or a qualified specialist.

cute cat trying to catch the play feather that is dangling in front of his nose

DIY Homemade Feather Cat Toy!

If you are a cat owner, you will know easily it is to make your little friend excited. Be it a simple ball of yarn or a roll of toilet papers or a red laser light dot, your kitty will chase and bounce around all day playing with these.

Getting a cat toy from a local pet store is quite easy. Anything that moves makes your kitten happy and will be a great cat toy. However, these cat toys don’t come cheap and you will find that they don’t survive for long either. The little one will just tear off the toy in a few days’ time at the most.

As they destroy their toys, they also put holes in your wallet from repeated trips to the pet store. An inexpensive alternative is to make your own cat toys right at home! Here’s a quick guide on how to make an easy and cheap feather toy for your cat.

cat toy feather DIY homemade project for your pet


Making a feather cat toy is easy and fun with these tips!

domestic dog waiting for biscuit in the garden

3 Homemade Dog Treats You Can Make Tonight

domestic dog waiting for biscuit in the garden

Dogs provide humans with untamed love that’s free of judgment and filled with kisses. Whether you have a dog or want to adopt one, there’s one thing that you’ll need plenty of in your home: treats. My pup loves one thing more than me – food.

And with treats, you can reward good behavior or train your dog how to do anything from sit to lay and of course, stay.

If you want to spoil your pup (I know you do), you can make great treats right in the comfort of your home. Now, remember that some foods are poisonous for your dog, such as:

  • Chocolate (can cause death in severe cases)
  • Cinnamon (can cause irritation, lower blood pressure and disease)
  • Garlic (causes toxicity)
  • Dairy (some dogs have an intolerance to lactose)
  • Macadamia nuts (toxic)

So, while I am going to share a few great recipes for making treats at home, please be cautious of the ingredients you include in any custom recipe. While dogs will scarf down every morsel of food put in front of them, this doesn’t mean they can’t get sick or violently ill in the process.

You also need to worry about food allergies with some dogs.

1. Breath Mint Treats

Does your dog smell bad? If so, a good wash and some breath mints will help a lot. And this recipe will add a bit of good-breath ingredients into dog treats that your pup will eat up quickly. You’re going to need just a few ingredients to get started:

  • 2 1/2 cups oats
  • 1/2 cup mint
  • 1/2 cup parsley
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 3 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 large egg

A few pieces of bakeware need to be pulled out of the cabinets, too: whisk, rolling pin, cookie sheet, blender and a large bowl.

You’ll want to set your oven to 325° F before starting, and then add your oats into the blender. The goal is to blend the oats to a flour consistency. Crack open your egg into the large bowl and add in your mint and parsley, both diced, along with your water and oil.

Slowly mix in the oat flour, combine and knead.

Flatten to desired thickness, cut into cookie shapes and place on the cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 35 minutes or until brown.

DIY homemade baked Breath Mint dog treats in a dog paw shape

2. Banana Bread Treats

Banana bread is a true delight for humans, and now pets can enjoy this delicious bread, too. Avoid adding in nuts, and you’ll find that this treat is a fan favorite among dogs. If you want to teach your dog to do chores, you’ll find that this treat will have the dog’s undivided attention.

Gather the following ingredients:

  • 2 1/2 cup wheat flour
  • 1 cup ripe bananas
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/8 cup honey
  • 3 tbsp. apple sauce
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder

Some people recommend cinnamon, but as we learned earlier, dogs don’t do well with cinnamon. You can try using a bread machine, or you can use your oven for this recipe. Set your oven to 325° F and whisk together the flour, salt and baking powder in a large bowl.

In another bowl, mash up your banana and add in the egg, applesauce, honey and low fat milk (important as dogs don’t do well with fat). Combine the two bowls together. Make sure they’re mixed well! Place on a mini muffin pan with non-stick spray.

Bake for 15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when placed in the center of the muffin. Allow to cool, then remove the bread from the pan and continue to cool until edible.

DIY homemade baked banana bread dog treats

3. 20 Minute Peanut Butter Treats

I know you’re going to say “that’s it?” when you see how simple and easy it is to make these delightful peanut butter treats. But when you’re on a strict schedule like me, you know how little time you really have throughout the day.

The good news is that anyone can make these treats, and the recipe calls for just four ingredients:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup water

Set your oven to 350° F and allow it to preheat. Simple and quick to make, you’ll want to mix all of the ingredients together until they’re well-combined. Slowly add in your water, mixing together until the dough is sufficiently wet and able to be rolled out.

Roll out the dough to 1/4 ” thickness.

Cut out the treat shapes: bones, squares, stars, or anything you see fit.

Now, all you need to do is line a cookie sheet with some parchment paper, place the treats on the sheet and allow to cook for 20 minutes. Make sure you allow enough time to pass so that the treats are able to be safely eaten.

DIY homemade baked 20 Minute Peanut Butter cookie treats for dogs

4. Not The Best Baker?

Are you not the best baker? Too lazy to work in the kitchen? Or simply just don’t have enough time to spare? Luckily, there is a wide selection of natural, baked dog treats you can buy for your dog to enjoy the taste without the hassle.

  • Three Dog Bakery Biscuit Miniature Peanut ButterThese tasty treats are baked with peanut butter with no artificial additives, salt, or refined sugar! The all-natural ingredients make it delicious and healthy for your pet.
  • Sam’s Yams Digestive Herbal CookiesThis digestive “herbal” recipe contains greens such as mint, parsley & thyme for fresher breath, as well as pumpkin seed and papaya to aid in digestion. The tasty and healthy snack is great for pets with food allergies as they are free of grain, gluten and glycerin!
  • Wag More Bark Less Soft-Baked Dog Treats: These are delicious and decadent semi-moist treats rich with fresh bakery flavor. Both you and your dog can enjoy cookies for snack time with these tasty soft bakes!

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