Meet Botan the Rescue Pup!

Owner: Marie Garmon
Name: Botan
Breed: Pitbull Mix
Location:  Jacksonville, FL

Botan (in the red collar) is a special rescue pup who lives with her puppy sister, Roo (pink collar) and her human, Marie in Jacksonville, Florida. Botan’s original owners were going to drop her off at a shelter when she was 4 months old because they said she was too hyper. Marie found out about Botan and brought her into her home so that she could work through her hyperactivity with some TLC, attention, and good training. read more

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Determined kittens just want some milk!

Determined kittens just want som milk!

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Sweet pig does tons of tricks!

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GERONIMO! This pup gets SO excited for the ball pit!

GERONIMO! This pup gets SO excited for the ball pit!