How Cold is Too Cold for Dogs?

Low temperatures can be quite dangerous for our furry pals. Leaving a dog outside when the weather is too harsh may result in frostbite and hypothermia.

Petstagram! Top Pets on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for foodies, selfies, travel pics and humble bragging. It’s huge for Pets!

The internet is still a cool place and Instagram is the place to be.  If you aren’t on ‘the gram’ and you are wondering why you should have yet another social platform... Let us tell you!

Set it up the way you want it, Instagram will only show you things that you are most interested in. You’ll get to see funny pictures and short videos of cute pets, if you don’t want to see any gossip, celebrity news and politics. Here is a quick guide to get you started on what we call PETSTAGRAM! 😸 read more

7 Fun and Simple Pet Friendly Recipes

Pet-friendly recipes can be easily prepared in the comfort of your own home, from fresh ingredients. They represent a healthy alternative to store bought.

Pick of the Litter 2018 Movie

Pick of the Litter (2018) – Movie Review

Pick of the Litter is a cute, coming-of-age story about five vivacious puppies on their journey to becoming guide dogs for the blind.

Don’t Forget Buster and Whisker’s Gifts This Year

Gift options for your pet are endless, check out our list to help you pick out a present that best suits his personality and needs!

Spizzles: Safe Alternative to Rawhide

Spizzles™ has a wide variety of natural chews intended to deliver high-quality chew time while scraping away plaque and tartar. Check out more health benefits that Spizzles alternative rawhides will grant your pup.

Humanity’s Best Friend – The American Service Dog

Filmmmaker Billy Blake campaigns to create Humanity's Best Friend through Kickstarter. The feature-length documentary will explore the world of service dogs.

Why Do Some Cats Not Like Belly Rubs

If you own a cat, you will no doubt have had the experience of seeing your cat expose their belly to you and they attack your hand.

Moving & Renting With Your Pet

Whether you are bringing your pup home for the first time or preparing to embark on a long distance move to an awesome new life in a great new apartment with your cat... living with pets can fill your life with joy. However, every pet owner knows that there are difficulties in renting and moving pets. This article is designed to help pet owners with these exciting, yet stressful, moments in life.

Fido’s Most Delicious Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Check out two of our favorite homemade ice cream recipes for our pooch! This summer, you'll have a blast making and sharing these frozen treats.