8 Crazy Facts About Cats

What if I told you that no matter how much of a cat enthusiast you are, there are basic things about your cat that you misunderstood the entire time?

That no matter how many kitty videos you watched on the internet or how many times you pet a cat, you don’t know the most fundamental things about kitties. read more

Conversations With Daisy

These are actual conversations I have with our 1.5-year-old English Shepherd, Daisy. Note, I am interpreting Daisy’s barks, expressions, and intonation. But these are all true!

My Frisbee

Daisy: Come on John, you need some exercise, let’s go throw the frisbee. read more

Your Dog’s Nose is a Real Super Power – Their Olfactory Recess

Your dog uses their superpower on you every day and you usually think nothing of it. Discover just how powerful your dog's sense of smell is. Shocking!

9 Best Kitty Litter Boxes (2019 Review)

Instead of going through a dozen boxes to see which is best for you and your feline companion, take a look at some of our favorite kinds.

Rainy Day Pet Sitting: Indoor Exercises for Dogs

Getting a pet sitter for the day keeps your mind at ease for several reasons. And when it's raining outside, they ensure your dog gets everything he needs.

New Dog Breeds You Should Know About

Not all breeds are recognized by an official registry of purebred dogs. Here are some relatively new dog breeds that have just been added to the AKC list.

How Cold is Too Cold for Dogs?

Low temperatures can be quite dangerous for our furry pals. Leaving a dog outside when the weather is too harsh may result in frostbite and hypothermia.

Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds

Some cat breeds are naturally larger in size than the average domestic one we have in our homes. Meet these ten sizable cat breeds for your home.

Petstagram! Top Pets on Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for foodies, selfies, travel pics and humble bragging. It’s huge for Pets!

The internet is still a cool place and Instagram is the place to be.  If you aren’t on ‘the gram’ and you are wondering why you should have yet another social platform... Let us tell you!

Set it up the way you want it, Instagram will only show you things that you are most interested in. You’ll get to see funny pictures and short videos of cute pets, if you don’t want to see any gossip, celebrity news and politics. Here is a quick guide to get you started on what we call PETSTAGRAM! 😸 read more

7 Fun and Simple Pet Friendly Recipes

Pet-friendly recipes can be easily prepared in the comfort of your own home, from fresh ingredients. They represent a healthy alternative to store bought.