Don’t Forget Buster and Whisker’s Gifts This Year

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Spizzles: Safe Alternative to Rawhide

Spizzles™ has a wide variety of natural chews intended to deliver high-quality chew time while scraping away plaque and tartar. Check out more health benefits that Spizzles alternative rawhides will grant your pup.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears – 5 Easy Steps

A soothing product like Otiderm® the Ear Cleansing Solution, cleaning your dog's ears can be super easy and simple. Follow our tutorial for more!

Howliday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

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Humanity’s Best Friend – The American Service Dog

Filmmmaker Billy Blake campaigns to create Humanity's Best Friend through Kickstarter. The feature-length documentary will explore the world of service dogs.

How to Put on Dog Costumes for Halloween

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Why Do Some Cats Not Like Belly Rubs

If you own a cat, you will no doubt have had the experience of seeing your cat expose their belly to you and they attack your hand.

Moving & Renting With Your Pet

Whether you are bringing your pup home for the first time or preparing to embark on a long distance move to an awesome new life in a great new apartment with your cat... living with pets can fill your life with joy. However, every pet owner knows that there are difficulties in renting and moving pets. This article is designed to help pet owners with these exciting, yet stressful, moments in life.

ReMATRIX® Veterinary Strength Joint Support for Dogs

ReMATRIX® is an easy to chew, veterinary strength joint supplement for dogs which helps with maximum joint stiffness.

Fido’s Most Delicious Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

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