Have You Met Lilly?

In case you haven't met Lilly, she is a member of our EntirelyPets Collective and we are proud to sponsor her in her dock diving competitions!

little boy with rabbit in grass outside

4 Handmade DIY Toys for Your Bunny

Buying a toy for your pet bunny is exciting, but it's even better when your toys are handmade! It's cheap and fun. Check out 4 DIY rabbit toys you can make with love right at home.

active seniors getting ready for a run with their dog outside in green nature

Exercising With Your Dog

With the warmer weather just around the corner, it's time to enjoy the great outdoors. Here are some fun ways to get out and exercise with your dog!

cute cat trying to catch the play feather that is dangling in front of his nose

DIY Homemade Feather Cat Toy!

Give your wallet a break from buying new toys. An inexpensive alternative is to make your own cat toys right at home! Here's a quick guide on how to make an easy and cheap feather toy for your cat.

domestic dog waiting for biscuit in the garden

3 Homemade Dog Treats You Can Make Tonight

Wishing you could enjoy baked goods with your dog? Look no further! Here are some great recipes for delicious dog treats you can bake right at home!

10 Best Places for Pets to Live

Finding a place that makes your pet happy is just as important! We've searched through the largest 100 US metros to find the best pet-friendly cities for you and your furry companion to live.

beautiful asian girl kissing american shorthair cat on the bed

Springtime Activities with Your Cat

Bond with your cat this spring with some special activities you both can enjoy. Cats have a reputation for being distant, but once your cat has completely fallen in love with you, they can be unbelievably affectionate!

13 Toxic House Plants to Pets and Alternatives

Here’s a roundup of the most poisonous houseplants you need to avoid for your cat or dog, as well as some safer, nontoxic alternatives to make you and your furry friend happy.

Design-Friendly Ways to Hide a Litter Box

Throughout the years, cat lovers have come up with some pretty ingenious solutions to keep litter boxes from thwarting their home improvement designer ambitions—that even their cats will use! Here’s a roundup of the best ones we’ve seen.

5 Things to Consider Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

Chewing, jumping and knocking things over are to be expected from a new puppy, here are some things to consider before you bring your little ball of energy home...