Your Dog’s Nose is a Real Super Power – Their Olfactory Recess

Your dog uses their superpower on you every day and you usually think nothing of it. Discover just how powerful your dog's sense of smell is. Shocking!

Dog Eating Too Fast? Try A Slow Feeder Bowl!

Speed eating in your dog can lead to many health problems. By using especially designed doggy bowls, your pup's eating habits can greatly improve.

Spizzles: Safe Alternative to Rawhide

Spizzles™ has a wide variety of natural chews intended to deliver high-quality chew time while scraping away plaque and tartar. Check out more health benefits that Spizzles alternative rawhides will grant your pup.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears – 5 Easy Steps

A soothing product like Otiderm® the Ear Cleansing Solution, cleaning your dog's ears can be super easy and simple. Follow our tutorial for more!

Howliday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Still not sure what to get your pooch? With so many choices out there this holiday season. Check out what our EntirelyPets staff recommends for you and your pooch.

How to Put on Dog Costumes for Halloween

Putting a costume on your pup can be tricky, there a few simple steps you can follow to get your pup to love their costume!

ReMATRIX® Veterinary Strength Joint Support for Dogs

ReMATRIX® is an easy to chew, veterinary strength joint supplement for dogs which helps with maximum joint stiffness.

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer!

This summer, keep your pup cool and collected with cooling mats, collars, and doggie ice cream! Check out our hot products to beat the heat!

Cat Zoom Groom Brush

The Zoom Groom Brush is the perfect tool to get rid of clumps of hair from your cats fur!! And the best part is... your feline friend loves it!

Pill-O’s: Pill Hiding Treats for Dogs

Pill-O's Pro is a great and simple solution to help administer any capsules or tablets that don't taste good! Helps administer all types of meds.