Tips & Advice on Grooming Your Cat

Tips & Advice on Grooming Your Cat

Cats are notorious for self-grooming. If you’re a cat owner, you must have seen that your feline spends most of its time eating, sleeping, and grooming. She licks its fur and pulls out knots with her tongue that doesn’t belong there. However, just because a cat is self-sufficient and can take care of herself, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore your duty.  read more

How to Stop a Dog from Barking in the Crate

How to Stop a Dog from Barking in the Crate

Is your dog keeping you awake all night? This is the challenge every new dog parent may experience.

Those constant whines could be irritating to neighbors or people who enjoy living in serene environments.

However, your dog could be barking in the crate for certain reasons which could be genuine. It may either fear the dark, need to use the potty or be experiencing the fear of separation from its owner. read more

Ditching Dog Dandruff: 10 Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Skin

Does your dog have dry, flaky skin? I bet you didn’t know that dogs can get dandruff too. If you’ve ever experienced dandruff yourself, then you know that it’s more than just unsightly. It can also be itchy and uncomfortable.

Dog dandruff can range from a mild smattering of skin flakes falling from their coat to painful rashes and sores that can lead to infection. Fortunately, we typically recognize the former symptoms before your dog’s dandruff can escalate to a more serious skin issue. read more

7 Ways To Eliminate the Nasty Odor Left From Your Dog

Dogs are unaware of the kind of smell that they can leave to linger in the air within your home. Therefore, it’s up to you to take the necessary steps to get rid of the smell and prevent it from building up again. 

Below, you can learn more about the top 7 ways to leave your home smelling fresher and free from dog odors.  read more

Puppy Finances 101: What Is The Cost of Owning a Dog?

It goes without saying that getting a dog is a massive commitment – they’ll need a healthy diet, a comfy bed and plenty of toys, and that’s without considering added expenses such as vet bills. With an average of $126.19 currently being spent each month per pet in the USA, it’s essential that you consider the costs of your furry friend before committing to giving them the healthy and happy life that they deserve. read more

Healthiest Way to Feed a Cat: All You Need To Know

Nutritious cat food is essential to keep your cat healthy. However, cats are picky eaters, and they form most of their food preferences in their first year of life. Therefore, have your kitten take different types of food, ranging from wet, dry, to semidry. read more

YuMove Joint Supplement

A nutritious diet and proper supplements can help your dog stay fit and healthy. Dog owners always lookout for different ways to make sure that their pet stays away from all the diseases and has good immunity. YuMove by Lintbells is the newest supplement for dogs grabbing attention due to its unique formula and positive results. The supplement became quite popular among dog owners, especially in the UK. If you are searching for an excellent supplement for your little one, then this supplement is the one for you. To give you more details about it, I am going to describe its features and a detailed review. read more

Dog running

Animal Joint Health: How to Help Your Pet With Stiff Joints

Unfortunately, joint inflammation and arthritis are common pet diseases nowadays. On top of that, it is not only happening among older animals. Even one-year-old pets might suffer from stiff joints. Therefore, it is essential to recognize such issues on time, to talk to your vet, and stick to the diet afterward. In this article, we will show you what to do if your pet has a stiff joints problem. read more

10 Essential Pieces of Advice For a New Dog Owner

So, you have a pet, or you just decided to get a dog. Here, you will find things that you should think about first of all in order to avoid difficulties in the future.

1. Calmness

The first thing that is necessary for new owners of a pet is a lot of patience. In the first weeks, your pet (especially if it is a puppy, not an adult dog) can spoil things, make loud noises, and disturb the usual calm in the house. It’s unavoidable. Your task is to teach the animal the rules of behavior in your home, to accustom it to the regime, and get used to a new family member. At the same time, keep a maximum of patience and calm. read more

Pet Cancer: What to Know and How to Stay Ahead of It

There’s no question that cancer has a huge effect on everyone in the world today. We either know of a family member or a friend who had cancer or is fighting cancer. Sometimes we even know of pets who had cancer. Pet cancer is something that isn’t regularly discussed but does happen more often than people think. “Almost one in four dogs will get some type of cancer in their life,” said Dr. Bradley Quest, DVM. “This does not mean that all dogs who get cancer cannot recover from it,” said Dr. Quest who also added, “An example would be a benign skin tumor that can be removed with no other treatment although some types of more serious malignant cancers can require much more aggressive treatment. Roughly 50% of dogs over ten years old will get some form of cancer in their lives.”  read more