Fast acting flea killer: Trifexis

The control of fleas is important for dogs to prevent infestations. One of the main ingredients of Trifexis is Spinosad, which protects your dog against fleas. It kills the fleas fast and is very effective, especially within 4 hours after administration. Trifexis not only protects your dog from fleas but also against the intestinal parasites and the heartworm disease. Some of the features of Trifexis include: read more

How Smoking Affects Pets

Whether you’re a smoker or not, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard a significant amount about the dangers of secondhand smoke to the people around you. However, the way in which secondhand smoke affects your pets is not such common knowledge. As your pets also share your home and the air that you breathe, second and third-hand smoke is as dangerous to pets as it is to humans. As such, it’s important that you’re aware of the effects and the preventative measures which you should take. read more

Super Foods: The Missing Link Pet formula.

When looking for the Superfood supplements for your pets, you should count on The Missing Link pet formula that offers great health benefits to your dog. From an expert point of view, your pets deserve a healthy and happy life as intended by nature. The Missing Link provides a superfood solution as well as healthy ingredients for pets to assist in filling the nutritional void left by the various commercial Super dog food. read more

Anxiety Solutions For Pets

Is your dog becoming aggressive? Is your cat hiding under the bed? Or did you come home from work only to step in a steaming pile of number 2?

If your pet is experiencing anxiety, these are a few of the symptoms they could be showing. And it means they’re unhappy. read more

All Natural Dog Treats

As most of us would like to think that the food that we give to our best furry best friends are all good and created equal. However, with the wide array of options, that all say they are the “best dog food on the market.” In this article, we will explain the best healthy, affordable, and appealing to your pet. This post was created by Finn Mclaren who is an avid pet and tech lover, and also runs his own site “Gaming Geek Innovation” where he and his team talk all-new lastest gaming and tech” read more

Breed Based Food: Royal Canin Nutrition

Every dog is special and has unique qualities and personalities. But when it comes to dog breeds, the dogs from the same breed share the same looks and needs. Therefore, companies like Royal Canin were able to create dog food for each breed that will meet every breed’s needs. read more

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner to Suck-up Stubborn Pet Hair

Wiggling tails every time you come home and relaxing afternoons with your cat purring on your lap – living with a pet is a wonderful experience. Still, when it comes to cleaning up after them, especially if they shed a lot of hair, things don’t seem so perfect anymore. read more

3 Types of Cat’s Cancer

Can cats get cancer? Most cat owners get astonished when their veterinarian tells them that their cats have cancer. The truth is cancer is not very common in cats as compared to dogs. But that doesn’t mean cats cannot get cancer.

A study conducted by the Animal Cancer Foundation revealed that out of every 5 cats, one will develop cancer before death. As a cat owner, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to detect illnesses. read more

Improving Your Dog’s Mobility with Soft Chews

Aging is a natural process that no creature on Earth is immune to, your dog included. On average, dogs live between 10 and 15 years; but health problems that come with aging may affect them sooner than expected. Depending on their nutrition, level of exercise, and breed; certain dogs can develop issues with their hips and legs sooner than expected. read more

The Importance of Pet Insurance For Your Pets

When you bring a pet into your home, there are many decisions to make. You want to make sure that your pets have the proper food, a nice place to sleep and plenty of toys.

To keep your pets in the best possible health, you make sure they get their daily exercise and take them every year for their annual vet check-ups. read more