Healthiest Way to Feed a Cat: All You Need To Know

Nutritious cat food is essential to keep your cat healthy. However, cats are picky eaters, and they form most of their food preferences in their first year of life. Therefore, have your kitten take different types of food, ranging from wet, dry, to semidry. read more

Science-Based Dog Food: VetriScience

The pet food industry is in a period of change that has been happening over the last twenty years. The foods available for our pets is evolving based on what people want and what science is discovering.

We live in an age where information is right at the touch of a few keys on a laptop; consumers are highly educated and demand products that meet their criteria. That said, we are also evolving in how we think of our pets. read more

Benefits of Freeze Dried Food for Dogs

Freeze-dried dog food is becoming increasingly popular for dog owners and their canine friends. At first glance, consumers might just notice a higher price tag and buzzwords that just seem like trend grabs. But we can tell you that there are many benefits of freeze-dried food for dogs. Raw food diets are becoming more common, and people are really starting to care about what they are feeding their pets. No more table scraps- whole ingredients are becoming more important. read more

Super Foods: The Missing Link Pet formula.

When looking for the Superfood supplements for your pets, you should count on The Missing Link pet formula that offers great health benefits to your dog. From an expert point of view, your pets deserve a healthy and happy life as intended by nature. The Missing Link provides a superfood solution as well as healthy ingredients for pets to assist in filling the nutritional void left by the various commercial Super dog food. read more

All Natural Dog Treats

As most of us would like to think that the food that we give to our best furry best friends are all good and created equal. However, with the wide array of options, that all say they are the “best dog food on the market.” In this article, we will explain the best healthy, affordable, and appealing to your pet. This post was created by Finn Mclaren who is an avid pet and tech lover, and also runs his own site “Gaming Geek Innovation” where he and his team talk all-new lastest gaming and tech” read more

Blue Buffalo: Is it the Best Brand Food for My Pets?

When it comes to taking care of our lovable four-legged babies, we need to make sure that we are giving them the right nutrition for their health. This is why we should be choosing the best brand pet food that will support their development and immune system. Feeding your pets is one way of showing your care and love for them. Careful consideration when picking what food is best for your pets is a good way to keep them happy and healthy. read more

Portrait Pet Mixed Breed Dog Dog Cute Hybrid Good

Toxic Foods: What NOT To Feed Your Pets

Not all that a human can eat your pets can eat. Some foods we eat are not fit for your pets.

What foods shouldn’t you feed your pets?

Can you feed your dog any food from the table? Can that favorite food you enjoy hurt your furry partners? Perhaps some foods we eat out pets can eat as well. But what makes the food toxic for pets is either the food itself or the ingredients. read more

10 Best Dog Foods (2020)

They say that having pets can bring a purpose to life.

If you own a dog for a pet, you will most definitely find out that this is true.

After all, the time and effort spent alone in training a pup to potty train and to get regular physical activity can give both you and your dog so many shared moments. You gain patience and discipline from every interaction with them. All these in addition to a fun and playful companionship 24/7. read more

Peanut Butter Treats for Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner, you will know that every time you bake anything your dog thinks he should share it.

My name’s Valerie and I am the proud pet parent of Bentley, a Clumberdoodle, who will eat anything, especially if it comes out of my oven smelling delish! You can read some of my other doggie articles on OfficiallyPets. read more

FDA Busts Major Pet Food Brands


The U.S. pet food regulation is a very interesting and in-depth topic with a lot of complexities the average pet owner isn’t aware of. For example, did you know that the Food and Drug Administration (more commonly referred to as the FDA) is responsible for establishing and enforcing federal pet food standards? The FDA mainly regulates the following 4 areas of pet food – read more