5 Supplements To Improve Your Dog’s Joint Health

As your pet gets older, it's important to add in certain supplements to their diet in order to keep them feeling healthy and active!

A Healthy Dental Routine for Your Dog

With a simple, yet effective dental routine, you can keep your pooch happy and also save thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Why do Animals Need Salt in Their Diet?

Salt fulfills our mineral requirement and is necessary for the proper functioning of our many body functions in both animals and people. Read on to learn more.

How to Implement Raw Chicken in Your Cat’s Diet

Regularly brushing your cat's teeth is the best way to prevent periodontal disease, but not everyone can make brushing happen every day. Brushing cannot be replaced, but some alternatives do exist to help your cat's teeth stay healthy.

Bladder Cancer in Dogs

This article will address Bladder Cancer in dogs. Bladder Cancer is still somewhat rare and affects 2% of dogs.

Dog and Cat Vomiting: When to Worry

We'll be taking a look at the difference between the occasional accident and more serious health conditions. In case it ever happens in the future, be ready

ReMATRIX® Veterinary Strength Joint Support for Dogs

ReMATRIX® is an easy to chew, veterinary strength joint supplement for dogs which helps with maximum joint stiffness.

VetriScience Helps Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your pet's teeth can be difficult, one of VetriScience’s oral health care supplements can do away with the mess and stress from dental care.

Top 10 Healthiest Dog Bones

This article will lay down the facts on that argument to help you come up with an informed decision and be wise in purchasing a chew bone for your dog. A list of the best alternatives to the traditional rawhide treat will also be presented for you to choose from.

The Ultimate Dog Grooming Guide- Keep Your Dog Clean, Healthy, and Happy

Regular grooming routine is the duty of every dog parent, no matter how hard it seems–especially when all of us love to snuggle and curl up beside a clean and nice smelling dog.

But proper grooming is so much more than an occasional bath and once a month brushing. To keep your dog clean and healthy you also need to take care of his paws, teeth, ears, and nails. read more