Understanding Mold and How It Impacts Your Pet’s Health

How many of the hidden places where mold can grow do you ever really look at? More to the point, how many do you get down on your hands and knees and sniff? Or lick? Mold spores that pose minimal danger to you can be a death sentence for a curious, low-to-the-ground pet.

Get the Facts About Ticks: April is Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month

It sounds obvious but it’s important to check your dog’s fur for ticks after he’s been outside. Once attached to dogs, Lyme Disease can be transmitted in 36-48 hours, according to the CDC. However, it may take two to five months for symptoms to develop. According to the AKC, signs of Lyme disease in dogs are often mild but include fever, loss of appetite, lethargy, lameness, discomfort and swelling of joints.

The 4 Best Flea Treatments that All Puppy Owners Need to Know

Puppies have different care needs than older dogs, so owners need to make sure their flea treatments are designed especially for them.

11 Health Benefits of Good Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is not a canine luxury but a necessity. Also, it does not have to break your bank.

5 Little-Known Supplements That Benefit Dogs

The following are some of the most beneficial supplements for dogs.

Five Best Flea Shampoos Available for Dogs

One of the biggest hurdles faced by dog parents is fleas. Getting their pet free from fleas is one of the hardest challenges endured by every dog owner. Having fleas is a real concern and requires a practical solution. They can impact the health of your pup as well as your family through their teeny painful bites and also through allergies suffered by people and dogs from flea saliva. They produce thousands of eggs in their small life duration of four months. Although these critters can attack throughout the year, the probability increases in summer due to humidity and warmness. read more

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The Best Healthy Dog Treats for Conscientious Owners

Treats are essential to your dog's happiness, but they aren't always good for them. Here are the best healthy dog treats for your pup to snack on.

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Heartworm Prevention for Dogs: Which Medicine is Best?

Look for a heartworm prevention medicine? Here are some of the best options to help protect your dog against these parasites.


3 Tips to Help Protect Your Dog’s Joints this Winter

Learn how to take care of your aging dog's joints in the cold winter months.

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The Best Antibiotics for Dogs

Looking for medicine to treat your pup’s ailment? Here are the top antibiotic treatments to treat a variety of different issues your dog might be experiencing.