5 Tips to Stop Your Dog from Barking

There are a number of reasons why your pooch starts barking. By providing a safe and nurtutring environment for them you can train them to not bark!

A New Puppy in Your Life – Off to a Good Start

Good starts are important, and a puppy begins being a member of your family on the day he arrives in your house. This is the biggest adventure of his life. He’s separated for the first time from his mother and littermates and he misses them. He is suddenly out in the great big world and he’s a little scared. read more

Five Best Flea Shampoos Available for Dogs

One of the biggest hurdles faced by dog parents is fleas. Getting their pet free from fleas is one of the hardest challenges endured by every dog owner. Having fleas is a real concern and requires a practical solution. They can impact the health of your pup as well as your family through their teeny painful bites and also through allergies suffered by people and dogs from flea saliva. They produce thousands of eggs in their small life duration of four months. Although these critters can attack throughout the year, the probability increases in summer due to humidity and warmness. read more

5 Very Cool Hacks to Remove Pet Hair Around the Home

Here are five very cool hacks for removing pet hair from your home.

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The Best Healthy Dog Treats for Conscientious Owners

Treats are essential to your dog's happiness, but they aren't always good for them. Here are the best healthy dog treats for your pup to snack on.

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Getting Territorial: How to Stop Your Cat from Spraying

Is your cat spraying? Learn the reasons why cats spray and how to stop them from doing so.

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Heartworm Prevention for Dogs: Which Medicine is Best?

Look for a heartworm prevention medicine? Here are some of the best options to help protect your dog against these parasites.

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Is Ice Bad for Dogs?

Thinking about giving ice to your pooch? Find out if ice is safe for dogs to eat and what potential dangers may arise.

5 Reasons Not to Keep Your Animal in a Dormitory

Pets and universities often don’t mix very well. This goes double for dorms where you’re often living incredibly close together. Here are some of the best reasons why that is true.  


3 Tips to Help Protect Your Dog’s Joints this Winter

Learn how to take care of your aging dog's joints in the cold winter months.