The Ultimate Dog Grooming Guide- Keep Your Dog Clean, Healthy, and Happy

Regular grooming routine is the duty of every dog parent, no matter how hard it seems–especially when all of us love to snuggle and curl up beside a clean and nice smelling dog.

But proper grooming is so much more than an occasional bath and once a month brushing. To keep your dog clean and healthy you also need to take care of his paws, teeth, ears, and nails. read more

3 Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can keep you from having to choose between serious debt and your pet’s well-being and it can give you great peace of mind because you know your four-legged family member is covered.

Understanding Mold and How It Impacts Your Pet’s Health

How many of the hidden places where mold can grow do you ever really look at? More to the point, how many do you get down on your hands and knees and sniff? Or lick? Mold spores that pose minimal danger to you can be a death sentence for a curious, low-to-the-ground pet.

Puppy Dehydration: What You Need to Know

Puppy dehydration isn't something you can take lightly. If left untreated, it can lead to really serious consequences. With that, as a pet parent, it's important that you know not just the signs of dehydration but the best ways to prevent it as well. This handy guide can provide you with everything you need to know about addressing dehydration in puppies.

Get the Facts About Ticks: April is Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month

It sounds obvious but it’s important to check your dog’s fur for ticks after he’s been outside. Once attached to dogs, Lyme Disease can be transmitted in 36-48 hours, according to the CDC. However, it may take two to five months for symptoms to develop. According to the AKC, signs of Lyme disease in dogs are often mild but include fever, loss of appetite, lethargy, lameness, discomfort and swelling of joints.

Help Your Dog Cope With Summer Time Noises

More than half of all dogs fear noises like fireworks, thunderstorms or even a crying baby. Dogs with noise fears are often fearful of all loud noises.

The 4 Best Flea Treatments that All Puppy Owners Need to Know

Puppies have different care needs than older dogs, so owners need to make sure their flea treatments are designed especially for them.

The Best Dog Food for a Weight Loss Diet

Check out the best foods to help dogs lose weight.

Why Emotional Support Pets Are Incredible

You probably don’t need convincing that pets are incredible, but emotional support pets are especially incredible. Not only do they provide all the warm-and-fuzzy benefits that regular pets provide, but they can help people recover from and manage various issues.

11 Health Benefits of Good Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is not a canine luxury but a necessity. Also, it does not have to break your bank.