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How to Avoid Accidentally Feeding Your Dog Chicken Bones

Man’s best friend: This is the term often used to describe the relationship that we have with our furry four-legged friends. We hug on them, cuddle with them, and consider them to be members of our families.

We do everything in our power to make sure they live active, happy and healthy lives for as long as possible. Just like humans, dogs need food and water in order to survive and thrive. Unfortunately for dogs, however, their menu options are limited. read more

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While we love our pets and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them, there is a slight inconvenience to being a pet owner – namely odors. Whether we’re talking about bad breath, litter boxes, or simply the general pet odor, the unpleasant smell might become the most representative thing of your house, no matter how cozy and beautifully decorated it might be. read more

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Five Best Flea Shampoos Available for Dogs

One of the biggest hurdles faced by dog parents is fleas. Getting their pet free from fleas is one of the hardest challenges endured by every dog owner. Having fleas is a real concern and requires a practical solution. They can impact the health of your pup as well as your family through their teeny painful bites and also through allergies suffered by people and dogs from flea saliva. They produce thousands of eggs in their small life duration of four months. Although these critters can attack throughout the year, the probability increases in summer due to humidity and warmness. read more

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