young cat hunting butterfly on a meadow backlit

5 Ways Joint Supplements Can Help Your Cat

Joint issues in cats can develop in many ways, especially as the cat gets older. Taking action with joint supplements can keep your kitty pouncing happily.

a german shepherd mix breed dog is kissing his baby girl on the cheek as the relax outside at the golden hour on a fall evening.

10 Ways That Dogs Make Our Lives Better

What makes having a dog so special? Here are just ten reasons why keeping a dog makes your life a tad bit more colorful and fun.

a golden retriever takes a nap

An Orthopedic Bed Makes All the Difference for Your Large Pooch

An orthopedic bed makes all the difference for a good night's sleep. This is especially true for larger breeds prone to arthritis and joint diseases.

4 Tips to Prep Your Dog for Back to School

Summer is almost over and if you have kids, you’re most likely preparing for back to school. It’s a big day coming up and it can bring a sense of excitement and nervousness for all of us… our dogs included.

puppy dog running exercise on the street park in the morning

5 Everyday Habits That Help Keep Your Dog Fit

Working hard to keep your dog active and healthy? Here are the five everyday habits that will help keep your dog fit.

3 Signs It May be Time to Change Your Dog’s Diet

There are a number of signs to look out for that may point to lingering and long lasting issues in your dog and could signal that the time is right for a change in your dog’s diet. Check out these 3 tips!

Top 50 Charities of 2017

A quick search of pet charities will bring to light hundreds of organizations that are going out of their way to look after for the animals we love. From rescue shelters, to companion animals, to low-cost veterinary clinics, these charities are absolutely outstanding.

dog chewing on purple toy

5 Things That Could Endanger Your Pet At Home

The world is full of hazards for your pets, and you can’t always protect them from everything. However, you can make sure your home is as safe as possible for them.

senior woman with her dog inside of her house.

7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Calm for the Upcoming School Season

Back-to-school season is stressful for humans and pets alike. Dogs and cats are social creatures which become vulnerable to sudden change of their schedules.

dog family traveling road trip

Driving with Pets: 5 Car Safety Tips for Dogs

Not only can it be against the law to drive with a pet in your lap, it can also be dangerous for your pet. Here are some safety tips for driving with your dogs.