kitten playing in the grass (shallow depth of field)

5 Best Flea Treatments for Kittens

While most flea treatments are for adult cats only, fleas don’t discriminate! They love feasting on kittens too. Here are some top flea treatments for kittens.

holding a pet corn snake

5 Pet Snake Care Tips For Beginners

Do you want a pet snake but have no idea how to care for one? Here are 5 tips on taking care of a pet snake for beginners.

9 Ways To Keep Your Furry Friends Comfortable at Home This Summer

Summer’s here and your pets aren’t safe from the heat of the sun. Follow these tips to keep your pet cool when the temperatures rise.

portrait of little girl outdoors in summer with dog eating watermelon

7 Things Your Pet Needs This Summer

It's time for some fun in the sun! With the hot vacation season coming up, it's important to pack up some essentials you'll need for your pets.

11 Ways Animal-Assisted Therapy Improves Patients’ Quality of Life [Infographic]

We all know our furry friends make our lives better. But did you know they're being used in hospital and therapy settings to relieve pain and stress and make patients' lives better?

medicine, pet, animal, health care and people concept - happy woman and veterinarian doctor with stethoscope checking up dachshund dog health at vet clinic

5 Reasons Why Your Pet Should Go To The Vet

Getting your pet checked regularly by the vet is essential for their health and well-being! Find out why.

hamster still sits in a cage

5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Hamster

We all love hamsters! They are small, fluffy and absolutely adorable. However, there are a few things to consider before getting one. Is a hamster suitable for you and your lifestyle?

a green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

7 Health Benefits of Keeping an Aquarium

Fish are more than just pets swimming around. Having them in your home can bring many health benefits for you and your family!

dog in bathtub while owner washing.

10 Ways To Protect Your Pet Against Fleas & Ticks

Our pets are our best pals, which is why it's our duty to keep them protected from fleas and ticks! Check out 10 tips on how to keep them safe from pests.

active seniors getting ready for a run with their dog outside in green nature

Exercising With Your Dog

With the warmer weather just around the corner, it's time to enjoy the great outdoors. Here are some fun ways to get out and exercise with your dog!