Essentials to Consider Before Welcoming Your First Pet

Pets are a long-term commitment with a lot of different needs. While we often understand the joy and love having a furry friend brings, it's essential to remember the age-old parental advice: Pets are a lot of responsibility.

Why do Animals Need Salt in Their Diet?

Salt fulfills our mineral requirement and is necessary for the proper functioning of our many body functions in both animals and people. Read on to learn more.

Pet Care Hacks 101: How to Keep Your Home Fur-Free

If you have pets, you know the pet hair struggle. Click here to discover a few helpful tips on how to keep your home fur-free.

Recognizing Signs of Cat Anxiety

Just like humans, cats can get anxious, which can change their behavior massively and result in them being deeply unhappy in your home. In this post, we’ll provide some ways in which you can spot the development of anxiety in your kitty and take steps to alleviate it to make your home a more calming and welcoming place for your four-pawed pal. read more

Can I Feed My Cat Raw Chicken Wings?

Regularly brushing your cat's teeth is the best way to prevent periodontal disease, but not everyone can make brushing happen every day. Brushing cannot be replaced, but some alternatives do exist to help your cat's teeth stay healthy.

Bladder Cancer in Dogs

This article will address Bladder Cancer in dogs. Bladder Cancer is still somewhat rare and affects 2% of dogs.

Dog and Cat Vomiting: When to Worry

We'll be taking a look at the difference between the occasional accident and more serious health conditions. In case it ever happens in the future, be ready

How to Start a Freshwater Aquarium

There are a few features which need to be considered way before you start looking for fish, check out our quick guide to starting up an aquarium first.

7 Smart Home Gadgets to Care For Your Pets

It’s hard to be away from the ones you love. It’s especially hard when some of your loved ones are your furry, four-legged friends. Whether you’re going to work for the day or spending a week away on vacation, you worry about your pets getting lonely, getting into trouble, or even facing unexpected emergencies. read more

10 Types of Dog Leashes and Their Uses

For every dog, there is a perfect leash. Every dog responds and behaves differently to various types of leashes, our list helps you pick the best one!