What are the Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease?

Gum disease is very common in dogs. In fact, it is five times more likely to occur in dogs than in humans. Studies also show that more than 80 percent of dogs will have some form of gum disease by age three. And it’s not just what you see or smell that is alarming. The danger of gum disease can get deeper than that! Your pet depends so much on you, and it is only through you that they can stay away from health problems. Thus, knowing about the early signs of periodontal disease is something that every pet owner should know. read more

10 Ways to Prevent Fleas from Entering Your Home

Fleas can bother both you and your pets, causing itchiness and irritated skin. If left uncontrolled, fleas will reproduce quickly and become an infestation that is extremely hard to deal with.

Ideally, you want to stop the pesky parasites before they can even get near you and your pets, by keeping them out of your house and out of your yard. read more

Should You Feed Your Cat Tuna?

Tuna is often stereotyped as your pet cat’s staple food, and this is probably due to the cartoons we grew up watching. Almost every Tom and Jerry cartoon we grew up watching, Tom and his buddies’ food of choice was often tuna. But coming back to reality, is tuna suitable for cats? read more

Is Hemp Good for Dogs?

It may be time to shake our reservations about hemp and other cannabis-based products. The fact of the matter is, they help our pets in ways many supplements can’t. Our misconceptions about hemp come from our knowledge that cannabis has “psychoactive” effects, but is that always true? read more

How To Get Cat Urine Smell Out

You notice it almost immediately.

Fewer things are more putrid than the smell of cat urine where it’s not supposed to be.

You’ve cleaned a bunch of other messes, and your cleaning products have never failed you, so why is it that cat urine is so hard to get out? read more

How to improve your pet’s liver function

If you are reading this article, you might be concerned because your pet has blood test results that are less than ideal.
Maybe your vet has made recommendations.
Maybe you want to increase the chances of your pet living a happy, longer, and fulfilling life.
Whatever your reasons, getting your pet’s liver to good health, will ensure peace of mind and comfort for both you and your pet. read more

The 10 Best Litter Brands for your Kitties

When it comes to buying litter for your precious pets, there are numerous things you want to consider to best suit both you and them. It may seem like it does not really matter what brand you buy, provided it gets the job done. But the truth is that different brands provide different beneficial things and you need to choose based on both your own and your cat’s preferences. read more

Benefits of Hemp Products for Pets

What are the benefits of hemp products for pets? If you’re a pet parent interested in the promising benefits of hemp-derived products, such as hemp oil for cats and dogs, you should keep reading to understand the plant better and its potential medical properties. read more

8 Crazy Facts About Cats

What if I told you that no matter how much of a cat enthusiast you are, there are basic things about your cat that you misunderstood the entire time?

That no matter how many kitty videos you watched on the internet or how many times you pet a cat, you don’t know the most fundamental things about kitties. read more

How to Reduce Pet Dander in Your Home

If you own a really fluffy dog, you know how pet dander and dog hair can invade your home. It gets everywhere, and for people with sensitive respiratory tracts or allergies, this can be a real issue. At the very least, it can make a mess, and it doesn’t smell great either. read more