Dakota is a fast learner and a smooth talker!

Owner: Lindsay Cook
Name: Dakota
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Location:  Starkville, MS

Dakota is an absolutely adorable 4-month-old Alaskan Husky puppy living it up in Mississippi – this week’s Pet of the Week! He was dropped off at a shelter when he was 2 months old after his first owners decided they didn’t want him. Lindsay saw his profile and was quick to scoop him up from the shelter. He’s cute as a button and full of puppy curiosity and energy. Dakota loves to “talk” with his human non-stop and has quickly become her best friend.

For being so young, he’s surprised his owner with how quickly he took to training. Dakota is fully potty trained, and can already sit, lay down, shake, and give high fives (he likes to do this with two paws). Thanks to Lindsay for sharing this cutie with us, we hope you continue to make awesome memories together!

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Myla The Goofy Girl


Owner: Kayla Lussier
Name: Myla
Breed: Alaskan Husky, Malamute, and Black Lab mix
Location:  Hadley, NY


Myla the adorable mixed pup is an absolute cutie! Like a typical husky, this girl is full of energy and personality which makes her family giggle each and every day. Whether it’s running around for hours, playing all day long, or using her goofiness to make her family smile, Myla is a complete and utter love-bug.

One of the best things about Myla? She’s amazing with children! She loves to make her mom’s 2-year-old niece laugh by hopping around like a little kangaroo – how adorable is that? Her family feels so happy to have her in their lives and we can totally see why!

Congratulations, Myla!

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Meet Nala & Bruin, rescue pups and best friends!


Owner: Jenny Leavitt
Name: Bruin & Nala
Breed: Lab mixes
Location:  Wisconsin

Nala and Bruin are two rescue dogs living in Wisconsin! Bruin was left in a box with his littermates in front of a kill shelter in Ohio, and Nala was rescued from a kill shelter in Mississippi. Their awesome family rescued them and brought them to live in the midwest. Bruin is now 3-years-old and Nala will be turning 3 this month (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!).

Nala and Bruin are special pups because they are now foster siblings to the other dogs and puppies that the Leavitt family helps rescue. They help teach the foster dogs the rules of being a house dog, play manners, and socialization. They are the best of friends and have inspired their humans to help save more dogs.

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Meet Botan the Rescue Pup!

Owner: Marie Garmon
Name: Botan
Breed: Pitbull Mix
Location:  Jacksonville, FL

Botan (in the red collar) is a special rescue pup who lives with her puppy sister, Roo (pink collar) and her human, Marie in Jacksonville, Florida. Botan’s original owners were going to drop her off at a shelter when she was 4 months old because they said she was too hyper. Marie found out about Botan and brought her into her home so that she could work through her hyperactivity with some TLC, attention, and good training.

Soon after taking Botan in, Marie noticed something seemed off with the pup, so she took her to the vet. Turns out Botan had an obstruction in her small intesting that needed emergency surgery. Thankfully, 3 months have passed and Botan is now a hally, healthy puppy. This “miracle baby” now lives a fun-filled life with her mom and doggy sister!

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Sugar The Lovable Pomchi!

Owner: Lydia Dominguez
Name: Sugar
Breed: Pomchi
Location:  Ventura, California

Sugar the Pomchi lives up to his name! This sweetheart has filled his mom’s life with so much love and companionship at a time when she needed it the most. After unexpectedly losing her father on the Fourth of July last year only a month after she lost her beloved Snowshoe cat to cancer, Lydia was absolutely devastated and heartbroken. Though she was worried it was too soon to add another furry family member to her life, she found Sugar at a local animal shelter and fell in love. She knew that this guy was meant to be a part of her life and ever since his adoption he has filled each of her days with smiles and laughs. Sugar’s unconditional love helped Lydia overcome her grief and he continues to be a star in her life.

Whether it’s rocking a hat like nobody’s business, cuddling up with his mom, or playing a rousing game of fetch, this lovable pup is an amazing guy!

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This Corgi is Full of Sass!

Owner: Tran Ta
Name: Kira
Breed: Corgi
Location:  Tampa, FL

Say hello to 3-year-old Kira the Corgi, this week’s Pet of the Week! Kira is a small dog with big attitude! She sometimes forgets how big her ears are or how long her tongue is, which only endears her more to her family. Kira also has a 4-year-old Corgi brother and a cat sister that she loves to play with and chase around.

When she isn’t walking around full of sass, Kira enjoys going on adventures. Some of her favorite activities include meeting other pups at the dog park, swimming, and smelling all the flowers in Tampa.

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This Joker is a Champion!

Owner: Barbara Ann Dubois
Name: Joker
Breed: Peruvian Inca Orchid
Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Joker is a small Peruvian Inca Orchid originally from France! He was shown around France as a champion show dog before eventually being brought to the United States to live in Las Vegas with his original owner.

The Dubois family already had a large Peruvian Inca Orchid, and befriended Joker’s owner. The Dubois kids took up an interest in show dogs, and the rest is history. Joker came to live with the family and he has become a sense of pride for the whole family. Showing their two dogs has become a family pastime for the Duboises and they have made lots of happy memories together!

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Meet Silas, the adventure pup!

Owner: Heather Cahill
Name: Silas
Breed: Golden Retriever/Chow/Rottweiler/Staffordshire
Location:  Asheville, NC

Silas was found roaming the streets of Gulf Coast Florida 4 years ago with his brothers. He was rescued and sent to local animal services where he met volunteer Heather Cahill. The Cahill family decided to foster (and eventually adopt) Silas. It was the beginning of many adventures together!

He was unsure of his new surroundings at first, but with the help of his loving humans and Corgi sister, Silas has learned to be a fun-loving dog! His sister taught him why squeaky toys are awesome and that the couch is the comfiest spot in the house. He’s now obsessed with his toys, especially his favorite, a big stuffed hedgehog.

Silas and his family moved from Florida to Asheville, NC a few months ago, so now he gets to experience mountains and snow. He loves going for weekend hikes and swimming in local rivers and streams!

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Sunshine Grace Brightens the Day!


pet of the week


Owner: Pamela June
Name: Sunshine Grace
Breed: Jack Russell Cross Kelpie
Location:  Queensland, Australia

You can understand how painful it is to lose 3 dogs in a short period of time. Pamela was devastated from her loss and all was gloomy, but after a while she decided that she might just be up for another furry friend in her life.

Pamela and Sunshine met at the Vanderburgh County Humane Society where they fell in love at first sight! Pamela saw the bright light at the end of the tunnel, and it was Sunshine. The sweet pup was adopted into a loving family right away, and she really does live up to her name.

She is just a bright ray of sunshine, always so sweet and happy to lighten up everyone’s day with kisses and furry hugs whenever she’s around!

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