This Joker is a Champion!

Owner: Barbara Ann Dubois
Name: Joker
Breed: Peruvian Inca Orchid
Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Joker is a small Peruvian Inca Orchid originally from France! He was shown around France as a champion show dog before eventually being brought to the United States to live in Las Vegas with his original owner.

The Dubois family already had a large Peruvian Inca Orchid, and befriended Joker’s owner. The Dubois kids took up an interest in show dogs, and the rest is history. Joker came to live with the family and he has become a sense of pride for the whole family. Showing their two dogs has become a family pastime for the Duboises and they have made lots of happy memories together!

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Meet Silas, the adventure pup!

Owner: Heather Cahill
Name: Silas
Breed: Golden Retriever/Chow/Rottweiler/Staffordshire
Location:  Asheville, NC

Silas was found roaming the streets of Gulf Coast Florida 4 years ago with his brothers. He was rescued and sent to local animal services where he met volunteer Heather Cahill. The Cahill family decided to foster (and eventually adopt) Silas. It was the beginning of many adventures together!

He was unsure of his new surroundings at first, but with the help of his loving humans and Corgi sister, Silas has learned to be a fun-loving dog! His sister taught him why squeaky toys are awesome and that the couch is the comfiest spot in the house. He’s now obsessed with his toys, especially his favorite, a big stuffed hedgehog.

Silas and his family moved from Florida to Asheville, NC a few months ago, so now he gets to experience mountains and snow. He loves going for weekend hikes and swimming in local rivers and streams!

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Sunshine Grace Brightens the Day!


pet of the week


Owner: Pamela June
Name: Sunshine Grace
Breed: Jack Russell Cross Kelpie
Location:  Queensland, Australia

You can understand how painful it is to lose 3 dogs in a short period of time. Pamela was devastated from her loss and all was gloomy, but after a while she decided that she might just be up for another furry friend in her life.

Pamela and Sunshine met at the Vanderburgh County Humane Society where they fell in love at first sight! Pamela saw the bright light at the end of the tunnel, and it was Sunshine. The sweet pup was adopted into a loving family right away, and she really does live up to her name.

She is just a bright ray of sunshine, always so sweet and happy to lighten up everyone’s day with kisses and furry hugs whenever she’s around!

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Riley, the Loving Rescue

pet of the week

Name: Riley (IG: @rileyjackx)
Breed: Jack Russell Cross Kelpie
Location:  Queensland, Australia

Hello, woof! My name is Riley. I was rescued from a bad start by my loving human family. They found me on a wet cement floor with my mom who had just died from starvation. I was so close to death as well and was about to give up. I was saved by my human’s very touch and taken to the vet right then. It was a miracle! I survived and now I get to live to this day jumping and playing as much as I can with all my new friends and family.

I love doing tricks and hiking with my doggie friends. We love it when we get to go to the beach! The best part of going out is meeting other humans and doing tricks for them. They always give me lots of pets and rubs, I love it so much! My human parents tell me I’m too energetic, but I just think they’re out of shape. Who doesn’t love to play?

I’m so thankful to be with my family every day woof!

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Mable, the Goofy Pug

pet of the week

cute black pug with child family

Name: Mable
Breed: Pug
Location:  Harlem, Georgia
Human: Shell Helpingstine

Mable was only 18 months old when she was already with pups. A human dropped her off at a local high kill shelter and she was placed in a kennel with all her pups. Shell regularly volunteers at the shelter and one day, she saw Mable there in the small kennel. The little pug was stuck on Shell’s mind all day. When she got home that evening, she discussed adopting Mable with her husband. It was perfect since they had wanted a pug of their own for quite a while.

So that was it, Shell immediately went to the shelter and adopted Mable right away! Unfortunately, when taken to the vet, Mable was diagnosed with a difficult case of heartworms. Heartworms are very easy and cheap to prevent but extremely costly to treat. Shell didn’t want to give up on her new lovable pup. The family did whatever it took to get Mable healthy!

Mable is now living happily with Shell and her family. The loyal and goofy pug is living the life she deserved all along.

“We are blessed to have her in our life.” –Shell

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Piper, No Piping!

pet of the week

Name: Piper
Breed: German Shepherd
Location:  Websterville, Vt
Human: Hannah

Piper, no piping! This one and a half year old German Shepherd pup loves to howl when she gets excited and believe me, she’s excited all the time. Whether she’s happy you came home, begging for treats or eager for a walk, this child is a mouthy one! If you just did a double-take, I don’t blame you. Her raven black coat makes her look like her primal ancestor, the wolf.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to fear! She is just 85 pounds of pure energy that can run and play all day long without being exhausted. Piper is an expert in the entire curriculum of tricks, but her absolute favorite to perform is the high-5! Luckily, Piper has equally energetic best friends to play with. She absolutely loves her brother Trigger and her sister Addison! While Piper may be a playful friendly pup, don’t you dare mess with her siblings! She makes sure that everyone knows that she will protect them at all costs.


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Koda, the Little Angel

pet of the week

Cute grey kitten sleeping

Name: Koda
Breed: Domestic Long Hair Main Coon Mix
Location:  Waterbury, CT
Human: Kim Dodge

Koda will always be momma’s little boy!

He was born January 12 and was waiting for the right owner to come along. Kim searched and searched for the perfect kitty until she found Koda! She happily picked him up on March 2nd and ever since then, he has been her purrfect little boy.

Koda loves sleeping with Kim whether it’s under the blankets or on her face depending on how he feels! He is the most adventurous indoor cat you’ll ever meet! He loooves climbing furniture and cat trees even though he occasionally gets stuck and starts meowing for a little help down–what a dork! If you stand in the kitchen too long making his food Koda will sit on your feet to remind you he’s there, staring at you with eyes that yell, “I’m hungry! Don’t forget about my food!”.

There must be a kitten racetrack in the living room, because he loves to run around the living room and pretend to be a race car! When he gets tired from zooming around here and there, he will curl up on Kim’s shoulder and purr himself to sleep.

“He is my little angel, a blessing. He is beyond perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better kitty.” –Kim


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Buddy, the Lovable Lab

pet of the week

cute red lab mix puppy dog happy and smiling in his home

Name: Buddy
Breed: Red Lab Mix
Location:  Williston, VT
Human: Samantha Beatty

Buddy was born in South Carolina where his mom and siblings were found ragged in the streets. They were rescued by a lovely team of animal lovers and came up to Vermont to be adopted!

At the same time, Samantha had been searching for the perfect puppy on every rescue site you can think of. When she came across a photo of Buddy, she knew right then and there that she had to meet him. Once arrived at his foster mom’s house, Buddy and Samantha fell in love at first sight.

Buddy has been a part of the family for 2 months now and he has helped her so much with her struggles with anxiety. He tags along to work with her every day. In the office, he happily greets new people and barks at the trucks that come and go. When she is feeling anxious or starting to have a panic attack, she will lay down with Buddy as he licks her face as if telling her that she will be okay. Even though he is just a puppy, the two have a strong connection.

When the family leaves to run errands, they put Buddy in his cage for a few hours. Once they return, he barks like crazy while giving kisses and running around in circles as if he’s yelling at them for leaving him! Samantha has had dogs in the past, but Buddy is truly the silliest and most special pup she has come across.

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Tonka, the Serial Cuddler

pet of the week

Name: Tonka
Breed: Great Dane/ Neopalaton Mastiff mix
Location:  Barre, VT
Human: Kaitlyn Coates

This is Tonka, the Great Dane/Neopalaton Mastiff mix. Tonka is the most interesting 1 year old you will ever meet! His gentle and patient temperament naturally pushed him to be in training to become a therapy dog for people of all ages. He’s a definite people person and is friendly even with strangers!

Tonka is the biggest baby, and loves his family. He thinks he’s a lap dog which is completely okay with Kaitlyn, especially her daughter! Tonka developed a reputation as a serial cuddler, but who doesn’t love cuddles?

Tonka is the best dog to ever come into Kaitlyn’s family and they everything about him! He’s a true family man. What’s not to love about that face? Oh, and those eyes!

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Mini, the UnBEElievable Chihuahua

pet of the week

Name: Mini
Breed: Chihuahua
Location:  Ferndale WA
Human: Tina Lee

Mini is an unBEElievably silly, hyper, crazy little Chihuahua! She loves to lay on Tina’s neck and shower her with slobbery kisses. This adventurous little monkey will always climb on anything and everything–you might mistake her for a cat! She even loves to sit in cat towers and pees in their litter box. Sometimes we’re not sure if she knows that she’s not a cat. Either way, one look at Mini will warm your heart with joy!

Mini and Tina are from Ferndale WA, where Tina works at the Whatcom Humane Society. One day, a terrified Mini was surrendered to the shelter which was about full. Shivering in fear and obviously stressed from the new environment, Tina had empathy for Mini and offered to foster her. Within the first week, the crazy little dog stole her owner’s heart. They were definitely meant to be!

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