Koda, the Little Angel

pet of the week

Cute grey kitten sleeping

Name: Koda
Breed: Domestic Long Hair Main Coon Mix
Location:  Waterbury, CT
Human: Kim Dodge

Koda will always be momma’s little boy!

He was born January 12 and was waiting for the right owner to come along. Kim searched and searched for the perfect kitty until she found Koda! She happily picked him up on March 2nd and ever since then, he has been her purrfect little boy.

Koda loves sleeping with Kim whether it’s under the blankets or on her face depending on how he feels! He is the most adventurous indoor cat you’ll ever meet! He loooves climbing furniture and cat trees even though he occasionally gets stuck and starts meowing for a little help down–what a dork! If you stand in the kitchen too long making his food Koda will sit on your feet to remind you he’s there, staring at you with eyes that yell, “I’m hungry! Don’t forget about my food!”.

There must be a kitten racetrack in the living room, because he loves to run around the living room and pretend to be a race car! When he gets tired from zooming around here and there, he will curl up on Kim’s shoulder and purr himself to sleep.

“He is my little angel, a blessing. He is beyond perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better kitty.” –Kim


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Buddy, the Lovable Lab

pet of the week

cute red lab mix puppy dog happy and smiling in his home

Name: Buddy
Breed: Red Lab Mix
Location:  Williston, VT
Human: Samantha Beatty

Buddy was born in South Carolina where his mom and siblings were found ragged in the streets. They were rescued by a lovely team of animal lovers and came up to Vermont to be adopted!

At the same time, Samantha had been searching for the perfect puppy on every rescue site you can think of. When she came across a photo of Buddy, she knew right then and there that she had to meet him. Once arrived at his foster mom’s house, Buddy and Samantha fell in love at first sight.

Buddy has been a part of the family for 2 months now and he has helped her so much with her struggles with anxiety. He tags along to work with her every day. In the office, he happily greets new people and barks at the trucks that come and go. When she is feeling anxious or starting to have a panic attack, she will lay down with Buddy as he licks her face as if telling her that she will be okay. Even though he is just a puppy, the two have a strong connection.

When the family leaves to run errands, they put Buddy in his cage for a few hours. Once they return, he barks like crazy while giving kisses and running around in circles as if he’s yelling at them for leaving him! Samantha has had dogs in the past, but Buddy is truly the silliest and most special pup she has come across.

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Tonka, the Serial Cuddler

pet of the week

Name: Tonka
Breed: Great Dane/ Neopalaton Mastiff mix
Location:  Barre, VT
Human: Kaitlyn Coates

This is Tonka, the Great Dane/Neopalaton Mastiff mix. Tonka is the most interesting 1 year old you will ever meet! His gentle and patient temperament naturally pushed him to be in training to become a therapy dog for people of all ages. He’s a definite people person and is friendly even with strangers!

Tonka is the biggest baby, and loves his family. He thinks he’s a lap dog which is completely okay with Kaitlyn, especially her daughter! Tonka developed a reputation as a serial cuddler, but who doesn’t love cuddles?

Tonka is the best dog to ever come into Kaitlyn’s family and they everything about him! He’s a true family man. What’s not to love about that face? Oh, and those eyes!

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Mini, the UnBEElievable Chihuahua

pet of the week

Name: Mini
Breed: Chihuahua
Location:  Ferndale WA
Human: Tina Lee

Mini is an unBEElievably silly, hyper, crazy little Chihuahua! She loves to lay on Tina’s neck and shower her with slobbery kisses. This adventurous little monkey will always climb on anything and everything–you might mistake her for a cat! She even loves to sit in cat towers and pees in their litter box. Sometimes we’re not sure if she knows that she’s not a cat. Either way, one look at Mini will warm your heart with joy!

Mini and Tina are from Ferndale WA, where Tina works at the Whatcom Humane Society. One day, a terrified Mini was surrendered to the shelter which was about full. Shivering in fear and obviously stressed from the new environment, Tina had empathy for Mini and offered to foster her. Within the first week, the crazy little dog stole her owner’s heart. They were definitely meant to be!

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These Pitbulls are sisters, and we can’t get over how cute they are!

pet of the week

Name: Khaleesi & Cambria
Breed: Pitbull Bull Mastiff mix
Location: Statesville, NC
Human: Megan W.

Khaleesi & Cambria are sisters, but their human says they are totally different when it comes to their personalities. Khaleesi is loud, clumsy and way more outgoing and enjoys being lazy. Her sister, Cambria is quiet, timid and loves to play fetch. She even gets along with the cats!

Congrats to both of these pooches for being our Pet of the Week winners!








Duncan is HUGE, but he’s all love when it comes to his littlest human.

pet of the week

Name: Duncan
Breed: Great Dane Mix
Location: Monmouth, NJ
Human: Megan W.

It’s hard to miss Duncan, because he is one big pooch! This handsome fellow is a Neapolitan mastiff and Great Dane mix residing in New Jersey. He has impressed his entire family and their friends with how well-mannered he is with their toddler. Duncan met his human brother when he was a puppy, and the two were almost instantly best friends and siblings.

The two will argue, play and tease one another – but at the end of the night, they always give one another kisses before bed and hugs when they wake up. Megan, Duncan’s human, says bringing Duncan into the family was one of the best things she did and strongly believes that large breed dogs like Duncan are just as loving as smaller dogs with members of the family. Congrats Duncan, and thank you for taking such good care of your littlest human!


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Lulu the Beagle, has a Mischievous Side!

pet of the week

Name: Lulu K.
Breed: Beagle Mix
Location: Shoreview, MN
Human: Reed K.
Miss Lulu is a sweet girl and beautiful girl with a gorgeous coat. She has a reputation for being a naughty pooch, and has been given the nick name Lulu Brin for those moments. Lulu loves to sleep under the covers, and in fact – won’t fall asleep until she is all tucked in! If no one pulls up the covers for Lulu, she resorts to sitting and staring expectantly.

No matter what she’ll always find a way to watch her humans eat dinner. Her person Reed, explained that it was “just last week, she was at the bottom of the steps peering over watching us.” She also loves to play “Find It” where we hide a treat and she looks for it. This sweet girl is a huge part of the family, and we are so happy to call her our Pet Of The Week winner!

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Look Who’s Happy, Luna!

pet of the week

Name: Luna
Pittbull/ Bull Dog Mix
Location: Elgin, IL
Human: Carol C.

This sweet grey girl is only 7 months old, but has already brought tons of joy and entertainment to her human’s family. Luna loves playing with her big brother Max, who is a 5 year old Pittie. He loves to take care of his little sister by giving her doggie kisses and keeping track of her while they play out in the yard.

Miss Luna has tons of energy and enthusiasm for everything she does and her family adores her to pieces! Everyone put two paws up for Luna, our Pet Of The Week winner!




Hank the Bulldog Has A lot Of Love To Give!

pet of the week

Name: Hanker
Olde English Bulldog Pit Bull Mix
Location: Portland, OR
Human: Sarah C.
Hank was found running around town with his sister. His owner bred him to be a vicious guard dog, but Hank only had love to give. He clearly didn’t have a future as a guard animal. He would often be found running around in the streets with his sister, someone needed to help this big yet gentle boy out.

It wasn’t long before Sara and her friends found Hank running out on the street. They had seen him before, and knew they needed to step in. It took several months, and tons of paperwork before Hank could officially call Sara his own.

Sara realized that Hank was indeed, the sweetest big Bulldog she had ever come across and the two are now inseparable. Hank will stay close because he always wants to know where everyone is. It doesn’t matter if we are at home or at the dog park, this cuddle bug won’t roam far!

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pet of the week

Bella, the 50 Dollar Black Labrador

pet of the week

Name: Bellapet of the week
Black Labrador
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Human: Lynn B.

Thirteen years ago; Lynn was looking for a black lab to come into her life, after a long wait. A day came where she found a litter of puppies at a shelter nearly two and a half hours from her house. Lynn wasted no time, and quickly loaded up her car with a grocery box, fuzzy purple robe and lots of hope that she would finally be meeting the perfect rescue dog.

“They” say your dog chooses you, and Lynn B is a firm believer. While watching the eight puppies interact; their personalities were showing…shy, rambunctious, talkative, etc. And then there was Bella. At 10 weeks old; she stuffed a blue tennis ball into her mouth, waddled over to me; and plopped the ball down right in front of my lap. She sat back and waited for me to throw it. was love at first sight.

That was it. Lynn was in love. Bella was the best $50 she’d ever spent.

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