Best Natural Ways To get Rid of Fleas On Dogs

Fleas are tiny creatures, usually less than 3/16 inches long. These pesky parasites are very active and move freely on the body of their host; additionally, Fleas can survive for weeks without eating at all, they spend much of their time off the animal, hiding in cracks, rugs, in the nap of carpets, in soil, or grass. read more

10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dog Fleas and Itchy Skin

Fleas and pets go together as much as oil and water do. That is why helping your fluffy friend get rid of their fleas as soon as possible is considered a must.

Fleas can jump around from pet to pet, and pet to human. They can move into your house without paying rent or doing the dishes. read more

Chip Your Pet Month | Pet Microchipping Guide

May is the chip your pet month and it’s the one month of the year that all pet owners can set aside to chip their pets.The startling fact is that too many dogs and cats get lost and the numbers are rising

The American Humane Association AAH estimates that 1 in every 3 pets may get stolen or lost at least once in their lifetime. read more

How To Celebrate National Pet Month With Your Pet

May is National Pet Month! We know you love your pet, and this is the perfect time to show them. Whether you have fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, or pigs, there are plenty of things you can do to show your pet how much you love them and encourage love for pets and animals in general. read more

7 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate National Pet Week 2020

Your pet gives you so much joy, to reciprocate the unconditional love it gives, makes an extra effort to make your pet superbly special during the National Pet Week 2020.

Here are some ideas on how you can have some pawsome time with your pet during the celebration of National Pet Week 2020: read more

10 Tips to Practice Healthy Hygiene With Your Pets

Pets bring a special joy to any home. Whether you lived alone and wanted a buddy to spend time with or always dreamed of your kids growing up with a furry friend, there are endless reasons to adopt a pet. You would do anything for them, but have you thought about their quality of living? read more

How to Tell a Cat’s Age?

Do you know when the birthday of your cat is? If not, it is worth knowing because cats from different age groups have different needs. For example, an older cat will be healthier if it will be fed with higher protein content which is not the case for younger kitties.  read more

Don’t Be Fooled — Myths and Facts About Life with Pets

While a dog may be man’s best friend and a cat gives off a very sophisticated air, that doesn’t mean humans necessarily understand anything at all about their four-legged friends. In fact, in many ways, our pets are like that friend who remains eternally wrapped in the mystery of the unknown. You may be able to connect with them in a way you can’t with anyone else, but every time you look deep into their eyes you find that you don’t really know much about them. read more

Pet Dental Health

Your pet’s dental health is no less important than your own.​ Do not ignore your pet’s dental health as poor dental health can give way to other more dangerous health problems.

But that is not all, poor dental health can also be a sign of a bigger issue, so catching it early can save your pet’s life. read more

What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Dental Health

Pet owners only want the best for their furry friends. It’s why you spend money on their toys before you spend it on yourself and take them to the park in your free time. When you own a pet, part of your responsibility is to know what they need and when they need it. Most people would say they know how to take care of their pets, but do they know what it takes when it comes to their pet’s dental health? read more