Susie the Boxer is a kitten whisperer… you’re just going to have to watch

Suzie has a big job, and she absolutely loves it! Wait until you see what this sweet pooch does on the daily!

child with kitten on grey sofa at home

Preparing for a New Cat

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When a toddler starts talking to his cat… we melted

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DIY Homemade Feather Cat Toy!

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How to Choose the Best Cat Litter

A good litter box is essential for your indoor cat, but choosing the right type of litter is the hard part.

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Springtime Activities with Your Cat

Bond with your cat this spring with some special activities you both can enjoy. Cats have a reputation for being distant, but once your cat has completely fallen in love with you, they can be unbelievably affectionate!

Design-Friendly Ways to Hide a Litter Box

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This dog owes his cat friend a big thankyou!

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When your cat won’t share the chips…

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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Depressed

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