bernese mountain dog sitting in dandelions, toned image

How to Keep Your Dog Safe & Healthy This Spring

Spring is in the air! But with beautiful weather comes deadly risks for your dog from allergies to fleas & ticks. Keep them safe & healthy with this guide!

french bulldog dog having a good time with a tennis ball, in living room , looking at owner very carefully

How to Train Your Dog to Love His Crate

Whether your dog hates his crate or you got a new puppy, it's a tough feat to get them to love their crate. Make your life easier with these tips!

Look who helps this tiny pup make it down the stairs

The stair was too big and too scary for this tiny little puppy. But just wait until his more experienced canine friends steps in.

Susie the Boxer is a kitten whisperer… you’re just going to have to watch

Suzie has a big job, and she absolutely loves it! Wait until you see what this sweet pooch does on the daily!

Indy the pitbull has a very special job…

Indy the pit bull helps her human cope with autism. These two are inseparable.

Buddy, the Lovable Lab

Name: Buddy
Breed: Red Lab Mix
Location:  Williston, VT
Human: Samantha Beatty

Buddy was born in South Carolina where his mom and siblings were found ragged in the streets. They were rescued by a lovely team of animal lovers and came up to Vermont to be adopted! read more

This little pup had a lot to say to her mom…

This little puppy is such a talker! Grooowwwwlll.... we can't get enough.

golden retriever puppy lying down near empty feeding bowl

10 Things You Need Before Bringing Home a Puppy

Adopting a new puppy can be exciting! What should you do to prepare for your little friend's arrival?

These 2 former fighting dogs meet for the first time…

These two used to be fighting dogs, but wait until you see how they interact when they meet each other in their new lives.

Will Pipsqueak the pygmy goat ever make a puppy friend?

Snowflake is the shyest puppy of the group, but is also the only puppy who wants to befriend the Pipsqueak the pigmy goat. When they all finally get along? It's way too adorable!