This little girl says bye to her dog in the cutest way!

When it's time to go to school, this little girl has a special goodbye for her dog. She kisses him 3 times. So adorable.

These Pitbulls are sisters, and we can’t get over how cute they are!

Khaleesi & Cambria are sisters, but their human says they are totally different when it comes to their personalities. Khaleesi is loud, clumsy and way more outgoing and enjoys being lazy. Her sister, Cambria is quiet, timid and loves to play fetch. She even gets along with the cats!

Max refuses to give up the pacifier…

Max won’t hand over the pacifier, no matter how many times his mom asks.

He doesn’t get what he wants, so he throws a tantrum!

When he isn't given what he wanted, he decided to throw himself on the ground in a tantrum. LOL!

She asks her tiny chihuahua if she’s mad, and her response is adorable!

Her human asks whether she is mad or not, and her little reaction is too much for us to handle!

This dog’s reaction to the jacuzzi says it all

He couldn't stop telling his humans how much he loved the jacuzzi. Does anyone else love the jacuzzi this much?

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These puppies look so cute following their mom through the snow!

Mom leads the way and this litter of puppies trots after. They are so cute!

He had to go to the hospital and his dogs refused to stay behind

Their owner was hurt in an accident, and needed to go to the hospital. His dogs knew he was hurt and refused to let him go without them. So they all went into the ambulance along with their human.