Silly dalmatian just wants to do yoga

This funny dalmatian wants attention all the time, even when his human is trying to do yoga!

This dog loves tagging along on bike rides!

Hima is a sweet pup who LOVES going along on bike rides with her human!

This cat knows who’s a good boy.

This cat knows the answer to the age-old question: who’s a good boy?

Awesome neighbors love the dog next door!

These awesome neighbors made special accomodations for the cutest Peeping Tom ever, the dog next door!

This smart kitty is great at guessing games!

You can’t hide anything from this brilliant cat!

This puppy went bonkers when he saw a tennis ball for the first time!

This adorable Corgi puppy went crazy the first time he encountered a tennis ball!

Watch how this bird grooms itself!

You have to see the way this smart bird cleans itself with a q-tip!

Now this is a pool pawty we want to be at!

What do you get when you combine a pool and dozens of dogs? Pure joy!

Here’s what you need to throw your own Pooch Pool Pawty!



This silly kitty can’t stop licking its tail!

This cat has a surprising favorite toy – their own tail!

Check out this homemade ball pit for dogs!

This pupper is having a blast in the ball pit his human made for him!