Look who helps this tiny pup make it down the stairs

The stair was too big and too scary for this tiny little puppy. But just wait until his more experienced canine friends steps in.

Susie the Boxer is a kitten whisperer… you’re just going to have to watch

Suzie has a big job, and she absolutely loves it! Wait until you see what this sweet pooch does on the daily!

Cats Can't Stop Giving Their Dog Mom Kisses

This dog is actually a kitten whisperer 😻

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Indy the pitbull has a very special job…

Indy the pit bull helps her human cope with autism. These two are inseparable.

Sweet Dog Seized By The Police Is Back Home With Her Dad

This sweet pit bull was taken away by the police — and it was totally legal 😔

Posted by Dodo Impact on Thursday, February 23, 2017

When a toddler starts talking to his cat… we melted

We can’t tell who’s cuter, the cat or the toddler! Just listen to how this feline responds to her tiny human friend.

This little pup had a lot to say to her mom…

This little puppy is such a talker! Grooowwwwlll…. we can’t get enough.

These 2 former fighting dogs meet for the first time…

These two used to be fighting dogs, but wait until you see how they interact when they meet each other in their new lives.

It has been a very depressing week, so I thought we as a community needed a reason to smile. This video defines the very reason we wake up daily. Our mission is to improve the lives of canines. We get canines from every back ground. My personal mission is to end Dog Fighting. These 2 canines have shown the most dignity & define the very soul of my work, my focus & the American Pit Bull Terrier. At one time they were someone's cash register, pitted against other canines & bred for money. Both came to DBC beat to hell & discarded. They both truly had the heart of a champion. They both decided to shed the mental scars of an old life & move forward in a world that had given them every reason to throw in the towel. Some of you have followed the history of both canines, some of you are meeting these 2 for the first time. Both of these canines have shown a true will to thrive & enhance the lives of all they touch-Please enjoy the redemption of 2 canines that have truly defined my personal mission. William J. BellottieDBC President & Co-Founder

Posted by Detroit Bully Corps on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Will Pipsqueak the pygmy goat ever make a puppy friend?

Snowflake is the shyest puppy of the group, but is also the only puppy who wants to befriend the Pipsqueak the pigmy goat. When they all finally get along? It’s way too adorable!

These dogs were abandoned in a stable until rescuers finally came to set them free. One of the dogs knew one trick, and it helped her find her home!

Rather than barking, this dog found a way to tell his human he needed something, just wait until you see what it is!

This rescue dog found her perfect human…

These dogs were abandoned in a stable until rescuers finally came to set them free. One of the dogs knew one trick, and it helped her find her home!

This little dog was rescued from a hole in the ground…

This adorable little frenchie was found in a hole in the ground in someone’s backyard. She had been in there for almost a year… She was hairless and covered with infections – until her rescuers showed up.