This little dog was rescued from a hole in the ground…

This adorable little frenchie was found in a hole in the ground in someone's backyard. She had been in there for almost a year... She was hairless and covered with infections - until her rescuers showed up.

George the service dog, is about to have the best day ever!

George is a hard working service dog, who earned a day off with his favorite little human! This is seriously so sweet... smiles guaranteed!

You have to see Marnie’s birthday party… (He’s a bird!)

It's Marnie's birthday... and his reaction too all of his gifts is so adorable. Just listen to what he says.

This little girl says bye to her dog in the cutest way!

When it's time to go to school, this little girl has a special goodbye for her dog. She kisses him 3 times. So adorable.

Max refuses to give up the pacifier…

Max won’t hand over the pacifier, no matter how many times his mom asks.

He doesn’t get what he wants, so he throws a tantrum!

When he isn't given what he wanted, he decided to throw himself on the ground in a tantrum. LOL!

She asks her tiny chihuahua if she’s mad, and her response is adorable!

Her human asks whether she is mad or not, and her little reaction is too much for us to handle!

This dog’s reaction to the jacuzzi says it all

He couldn't stop telling his humans how much he loved the jacuzzi. Does anyone else love the jacuzzi this much?

Cooper never gets the ice cream first, and here’s why

When it's time to get some ice cream, there is no way Cooper can get the icecream first. Just wait until you see why!

This cheetah cub has a very special canine friend…

Ruuxa the Cheetah cub needed surgery at a young age, so the team at the San Diego Zoo brought him a new friend to help with his recovery. His friend just happened to be an adorable Ridgeback puppy, Raina.