Cooper never gets the ice cream first, and here’s why

When it's time to get some ice cream, there is no way Cooper can get the icecream first. Just wait until you see why!

This cheetah cub has a very special canine friend…

Ruuxa the Cheetah cub needed surgery at a young age, so the team at the San Diego Zoo brought him a new friend to help with his recovery. His friend just happened to be an adorable Ridgeback puppy, Raina.

These puppies look so cute following their mom through the snow!

Mom leads the way and this litter of puppies trots after. They are so cute!

He had to go to the hospital and his dogs refused to stay behind

Their owner was hurt in an accident, and needed to go to the hospital. His dogs knew he was hurt and refused to let him go without them. So they all went into the ambulance along with their human.

Who is letting all of the shelter dogs out?

Somehow all the shelter dogs were escaping in the middle of the night... but how? It wasn't until they set up cameras that they found out what was happening.

Those times when you can’t pick something off the floor

This little Puglet can't seem to pick up the treat on the kitchen floor, and it was ridiculously cute!

These puppies were being neglected by their mom, so the cat took over

When the mother of a litter of puppies didn't want to care for them, everyone was worried about their health. Fortunately, the family's cat decided to step on and care for the pups.

Here is all of the teddy-bear looking dogs in one place!

Get ready for some super cute dogs that also happen to look like teddy bears! What could be cuter?

This deer and dog are best friends, and we couldn’t believe it!

When this dog's owner realized how close her dog was getting to a visiting friend, she knew she had to pull out her camera. These two have such a special bond, and we couldn't help but watch the video twice.