This smart pup is determined to get this stick into the house

This dog is absolutely determined to figure out a way to get his big stick into the house!

Funny dog doesn’t want owner to see him begging!

This funny pup really wants some of his owner's yogurt but is too shy to tell him.

Pizza guy delivers lost dog!

This pizza guy made an extra-special delivery...returning Snickers to his home!

You have to see this vet treat this dog to a fancy dinner!

Graycie Claire wouldn't eat without company, so this vet came to help her out. Now he's treating her to a fancy dinner!

Silly dog can’t stop bringing her humans presents!

This silly dog loves bringing her humans presents. A shoe here, a toy there...

Shy pig found on side of road loves his new family.

This pig was found abandoned on the side of the road, but now is happy and loves the family that took him in!

Smart little girl defends her dog!

A smart little girl was quick to poke holes in her mom's case and defend her dog.

Pug can’t stop sleeping in newborn’s baby seat!

This blind pug has found a new favorite spot to snooze, much to the amusement of his owners!

Guilty dog tries to cover up the hole he dug!

This golden retriever loves digging holes, but doesn't love getting caught!