The Clock is Ticking: What Happens to Your Dog When Locked Inside a Hot Car

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday and you’re off to run some errands.

You decide to take Buster along with you.

After all, he loves nothing more than tagging along and going for a road trip with his head hanging out of the window to catch the wind on his face.

And you love taking him with you because, well, he’s your most faithful friend!

Dog with head out open window

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

You get to the store, park up in the shade, crack the windows open a few inches and open the sunroof slightly.

“I only need a few bits and pieces so I’ll be in and out in no time”, you say to yourself.

But the store is busier than normal and you see a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while so spend some time catching up.

30 minutes go by and you return to the car to find Buster motionless on the back seat…

Your Car Can Become an Oven at Frightening Speed

On a typical 85 degree day, the internal temperature of your car can rise to more than 120 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Even when you’ve cracked the windows.

This is as hot as it gets in the Sahara Desert!

But instead of wearing a lightweight, breathable cotton shirt, your dog it wearing a thick fur coat.

So what does all this heat do to a dog?

This infographic from explains exactly what happens to a dog when left inside a hot car. You can read the full article titled Dog’s Die in Hot Cars on their website.

What happens to your dog when locked in a hot car

Author Bio

This article was written by Ben Doyle, owner of UK pet care company, Pet Checkers.

When he’s not walking, grooming or photographing people’s pets, he writing about everything pet care related.

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Meet Max.. He’s cute, he’s spunky and he’s loved!

pet of the week

Name: Max
Breed: Lhasa Apso Mix
Location: Fremont, CA

My name is Max.

From what I remember I was adopted as a puppy from a nice family. At first I was so happy I found a home where they fed me, potty trained me, taught me cool tricks to do and life was great. I don’t know what happened in the next few years. I must have did something wrong or my owners thought I was too much trouble. I was left outside a lot and I remember my belly feeling hungry and I was thirsty a lot, too. My fur started to get dirtier and messier and my ears itched with gnats in both of them.

I had 15 cysts on my body (I was born like that) and one of them got big and popped and then it started to itch and hurt. Flies were landing on it and laid eggs. Maggots started to grow in them which I guess wasn’t so bad since they clean the wound. It hurt so much I would howl and rub my butt on anything just to relieve it. As the days and weeks went by I kept getting dirtier, more hungry and weak. I missed seeing my family. It was very hot some days and some nights were very cold. I was very lonely.

One day the owners took me on a car ride to a place smelled funny and I got very scared.  I heard the words “adamant on euthanasia.” I did not know what that meant, but the nice lady Dr. they handed me over to had a look on her face like she didn’t want that and knew I was suffering from my howling.  I went into a room where I was assessed and she told the owners that it would cost a lot of money and time to help me. The word “euthanasia” popped up again from my owners. The kind Dr. persuaded my owners to surrender me, which they did, and I stayed with nice Dr. lady at the hospital where they took care of gnat filled ears, itchy yeast paws, my cysts, the skin infection filled with maggots, and matted, yucky, stinky fur.

I went to the A.S.P.C.A, then to Toy Breed Rescue in San Jose, CA, and then to a nice lady who had other dogs she was rescuing and adopting out.

That’s when I found my new humans.

I was the first dog my new Mommy ever had and wow, she spoils me rotten. New Daddy and new Mommy said money is no object and all my boo-boo’s are gone. I have lots of beds and they even take me to my own doggie dermatologist to help fix my stubborn ear infection. I get groomed every 3 weeks, I eat the best foods and treats, fresh water every day and hugs and kisses, too. I live inside their house and I even get 3 walks every day for exercise.

My new dog mommy even rocks me to sleep every night and whispers in my ear that they love me very much and I’ll never be hungry or suffer again.

Life is heaven now.

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The 6 Best Dog Shows on TV

Everyone’s crazy about dogs. But sometimes dog owners run into problems with man’s best friend! What do you do? Who do you look to for help? The good news is that there are some great how-to shows on canines. The best part is, you can watch them on the Internet or right your TV!

Love watching animal rescue, veterinary medicine, wildlife or just cute dogs? Don’t fret. There’s a show for everyone! Here’s a list of the best dog shows and series on cable TV today.

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Pit Bulls and Parolees

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
The Villalobos Rescue Center is the largest pit bull rescue center in the USA, now located in New Orleans, LA. The owner, Tia Maria Torres, runs the rescue center with the help of her family and parolee volunteers. Tia has helped change the lives of former convicts around by helping these helpless canines, and the unconditional love they get from the dogs they save. The show is about heart-wrenching and often dangerous rescues with happy endings!

Image credit:

Too Cute!

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10 
This program is about kittens and puppies coming of age from the beginning of their lives to their first steps and getting adopted into their new homes. These pets are simply too cuddly, too lovable, and too cute to miss! Veteran actor Henry Strozier is the narrator who his first-ever Emmy nomination for the series.

Image credit:

Cesar 911 

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10
Have a canine problem? Call theDog Whisperer”, Cesar Millan. Cesar specializes in canines that have become a problem in their neighborhoods. Along with helping problem dogs, he also works with dogs in local shelters that have adoption issues due to previous mistreatment. Cesar works towards saving these vicious pets from being put down in all probability while turning timid pet owners into pack leaders in the process!

Image credit:

Lucky Dog

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10
Brandon McMillan is the star of the show. He rescues problem, untrained and unadoptable canines from the local shelter. With his training, the dogs are transformed into adoptable pooches that everyone loves. He then finds them families who will gladly adopt them into their loving homes. Watch Brandon rescue these animals that would otherwise be put down. Often, families who adopt the pups feel like they’re the ones who were actually rescued.

Image credit:


Downward Dog

IMDb Rating: N/A
A talking-dog show that’s not about a talking dog! The show’s about a lonely dog going through the complexity of 21st century relationships. The star of the show, Nan, has just broken up with her boyfriend, Jason, and finds solace in her work at Clark and Bow Outfitters where she has worked for six years. She leaves her philosophizing dog, Martin, at home. He becomes lonely and doesn’t know how to express it to her. The frustrated Martin starts destroying things around the house such as her favorite boots. Nan can’t focus on work and tries to create an inspired presentation, which is also destroyed by Martin. Obedience school shows them that they may be the best thing for each other.

Image credit:

The Dog Rescuers

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10
Also known as The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies, this British program highlights the work of the dog rescuing animal charity, RSPCA. In this new series, RSPCA officers help neglected pets and those that need rescuing by rehabilitating them and nursing them back to life. In one episode, they rescue a Rottweiler stranded on the mudflats of the river Dee in Merseyside. The show also has a lighter side though! Featured scenes with their dog specialist trying train and rehabilitate an out-of-control spaniel are incredibly amusing!


Are you having problems with your canine? And are you looking for tips to rehabilitate a new pet? If yes, watch these and other shows on AT&T and DIRECTV. Read more about the latest TV shows and stay updated with the world of entertainment by visiting the Digital TV Bundles blog.

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