100 Best Boy Dog Names

Every dog has its unique personality that modifies after coming into a new family. Dogs are versatile beings and pack animals that follow their leaders and imitate them to better fit into their new environment. Whether it is a puppy or an adult, dogs are exactly like children. They watch, learn and mimic their owners and they need training, exercise, attention and health care.



Interesting facts about dogs and their owners

Adopting a dog involves a lot of attention and care and requires patience, energy, time and finances. Dogs are adorable, but people must consider many things before adopting one. Besides making sure you have all the resources you need to take care of a dog, you should pick a dog that fits best for your lifestyle.

Above their preferences towards the gender of your four-legged friend, people are more inclined to pick a dog that has a similar personality and features to theirs. If you are an introvert, chances are, you’ll choose a dog that is quiet and calm, and if you are an extroverted person, you are more inclined to pick a dog with an outgoing and joyful personality.

Dogs communicate with their owners using special facial expressions. Have you ever been melted by those irresistible puppy eyes? They are the response to your gaze and are dependent on the attention you pay to a dog. Studies have revealed that facial expressions such as a happy or a sad face are involuntary twitches. Dogs are capable of displaying 16 facial expressions, less than humans that have 27 distinct facial expressions. Dogs scan faces and eyes to identify the intent, as well as potential threats in order to establish a way of communication with their owners.

The battle of the sexes also happens in dogs’ world. It is widespread the perception that male dogs are more affectionate and easy to train than females, which are more aggressive and protective of their puppies and owners. But, in the end, it is not about determining a superior sex. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The way a dog is raised and trained determines their behavior. The environment makes a dog more affectionate or more aggressive.

If you are a happy owner of a male dog or if you are looking to adopt one, you should know that male dogs are larger in size than females and reach maturity slower than female dogs. Male dogs, especially if are non-neutered, are more dominant and high-spirited. They sense the urge to dominate smaller dogs and, sometimes, they may try to dominate their owner.

A proper training can help you better control your dog. Training should start since puppyhood because males tend to become more independent than females. A neutered dog is less aggressive and calmer, so depending on your plans, you can take this option into account.

Premier Pups Reviews’ guide to choosing a male dog name

At Premier Pups Reviews, our customers send us all kinds of messages. They share with us their experiences, some of them relate to the long process of renaming their dogs. Most of them pick names related to their own preferences or to their dogs’ characteristics. We have created a list of cute, unique or unusual names collected from our customers.

  1. Choose a dog name which is in trend

Dog names rise and fall in popularity, just like baby names. Trends are now determined by movies such as “Harry Potter” or “Game of Thrones”, as well as by pop culture. Trends also include names of sports celebrities, names of fictional characters and names of celebrities’ pets.

  1. Choose a dog name related to your dog’s characteristics

The inspiration is unlimited when it comes to finding a good name that best represents your dog. Every dog has its own characteristics related to his breed, temperament, behaviors and so on. Boy dog names are various, so you can choose a name that complements your dog’s features, size or personality. In our list, you can find names that tend to be popular for large breeds and names created for small pups. 

  1. Choose an easy to pronounce dog name

Regardless of how you select his name, make sure you pick an appropriate name that you like. Pick a name that is easy to pronounce as you will be repeating it many times every day for many years.

  1. Choose a name that sounds good to your dog

The process of giving a name to your dog is important. Your dog will be living with it for a long time. Furthermore, a good name can improve the communication between you and your dog, leading to a great responsiveness for your dog. Dogs are known for their easier time hearing hard consonants and long vowels. The name should be easier for your dog to distinguish from other sounds and names in the family. That’s why specialists usually recommend avoiding names that sound like commands. Pick a short name that contains one or two syllables. These types of names are more likely to increase your dog responsiveness.

  1. Choose a unique name

If you prefer original names, you can inspire yourself from your puppy’s personality or physical appearance. There are lots of unique names that outline unique features. You can also inspire yourself from everyday life and objects, cities, countries or landmarks.

  1. Choose a funny dog name

If you have a strong sense of humor, you can go for a funny name. Some of our customers gave their dogs names for big dogs to emphasize their small size. Others that owned bigger dogs gave them names for small dogs.

  1. Choose a name of a fictional character

If you are keen on fictional characters or TV shows, you can think of naming your dog after some satirical characters. You can also find dog names for your male dog in children’s books.

  1. Choose a dog name related to your dog’s appearance

Emphasize your dog’s cuteness and his good-looking appearance by giving him a cute name that outlines his physical features or name him after a hot dreamy celebrity.

  1. Choose a human name

Human names are a good alternative as they have various significance. Furthermore, it can sound very funny when you call your four-legged friend. Some people may believe it is the name of a human.

Take a look at the list below to get inspired:

  1. Alex
  2. Apollo
  3. Arnold
  4. Austin
  5. Bailey
  6. Baxter
  7. Bear
  8. Beau
  9. Beethoven
  10. Benny
  11. Bill
  12. Blue
  13. Boomer
  14. Brady
  15. Brawny
  16. Brody
  17. Bruno
  18. Buddy
  19. Chance
  20. Charlie
  21. Chase
  22. Cheerio
  23. Chester
  24. Clark
  25. Coco
  26. Colin
  27. Cooper
  28. Dale
  29. Damon
  30. Dexter
  31. Doc
  32. Duke
  33. Dylan
  34. Eric
  35. Ernie
  36. Fido
  37. Finley
  38. Finnick
  39. Fitz
  40. Frankie
  41. Godzilla
  42. Gunner
  43. Gus
  44. Happy
  45. Harley
  46. Henry
  47. Hunter
  48. Jake
  49. Jase
  50. Jasper
  51. Joey
  52. Lassie
  53. Leo
  54. Little Bear
  55. Louie
  56. Lucky
  57. Luke
  58. Mario
  59. Marley
  60. Maurice
  61. Max
  62. Mikey
  63. Minion
  64. Murphy
  65. Oliver
  66. Ollie
  67. Oscar
  68. Parker
  69. Pokey
  70. Prince
  71. Puffball
  72. Puppers
  73. Rex
  74. Ricky
  75. Riley
  76. Rob
  77. Rocco
  78. Rocky
  79. Ronnie
  80. Rudy
  81. Rusty
  82. Sam
  83. Samson
  84. Scooter
  85. Scott
  86. Scout
  87. Shrek
  88. Simon
  89. Skip
  90. Sparky
  91. Spike
  92. Spot
  93. Tank
  94. Teddy
  95. Timmy
  96. Toby
  97. Todd
  98. Tom
  99. Tucker
  100. Ziggy

So, what names appeal most to you? If you haven’t decided yet, you can also take into consideration the possibility to create new names from those in the list above, just by adding or removing some characters. In the end, the name should best represent your dog.

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