15 Fun Facts about Hamsters

Hamsters are adorable and fascinating creatures. They are cute, fuzzy animals, and rarely bite people. These are just a few of the reasons why so many people choose them as pets! There is so much about hamsters that there is to know. Fun facts and feats and fascinating studies involving hamsters abound.

And today, we’re going to discover some fabulous fun facts about hamsters!

1. Teeth

Hamsters’  teeth never stop growing. You know how babies like to chew teething rings while they’re teething? Well, hamsters are teething every day of their life, and that’s why they like chewing on sticks or toys, which help keep their teeth somewhat worn down.

2. Energy

Hamsters have incredibly high energy levels and love exercising; they can spend inordinate amounts of time running round and round the wheel. Hamsters have a natural ability for running – hamsters in the wild can run between 5 and six miles for many nights in a row! Can you imagine that? I probably wouldn’t even be able to accomplish such a thing…

3. Crepuscular

Hamsters are “crepuscular” animals; they are most active during twilight hours.

4. Eye Sight

Hamsters can’t see that well. They have a great sense of smell to compensate, but their vision isn’t that awesome.

5. Experimental Subjects

Hamsters are often used by scientists and those in men’s scrubs for science experiments and studies.

6. Big Cheeks

You know how hamsters have really chubby cheeks sometimes, and then, a short while later, their cheeks have shrunk to half the size? Well, that’s because hamsters can store food in their cheeks. They love to do this; they stuff their cheeks with food and later transfer it to a safe spot so they can eat it a different time. Since they don’t have salivatory glands, the food can stay dry in their cheeks.

7. Heavy Duty Cheeks

Another fun fact about those chubby cheeks – Syrian hamsters specifically can hold up to half their body weight in their cheeks! Now isn’t that amazing?

8. “Hamstern”

The term hamster is believed to be based on the Greek word “hamstern” which means to hoard. Can you guess why?

9. Curious Creatures

Hamsters are curious creatures that love to explore and have fun. That’s why it’s important for them to have a spacious cage, with room for them to move about and lots of entertaining toys.

10. One at a Time

Hamsters like to live alone. Trying to put two hamsters together so that they can “make friends” sounds very sweet, but can lead to lots of aggressive fighting. Pet owners would be better off either buying one hamster or keeping each of their hamsters in separate cages.

11. Cleanliness

A clean home makes for a happier hamster! Just like most people, hamsters like when their cage is kept relatively clean and tidy.

12. More Babies

Hamsters can become pregnant shockingly quickly, and then give birth to 20 babies at a time! Are you interested in opening a hamster zoo? Then try putting together a male and female hamster together, and see what happens!

13. Small Size

Hamsters aren’t any specific size; they can range from 2 inches to 13 inches long. Different hamster species are of different lengths.

14. Color Blind

Hamsters are color-blind and rely on scent to guide them in finding their way.

15. Allergies

Hamsters are allergic to cedar, so do make sure that their bedding is not made out of that!

16. Discovery

People discovered hamsters less than three hundred years ago, but they weren’t used as pets until under 100 years ago.


Hamsters are active, adorable, and clever creatures. They are great at fitting through small holes and crevices, so make sure their cage is designed properly so that they won’t escape and get themselves hurt!

If you’re interested in buying a hamster, be sure to do your research so that you and your future pet will have an enjoyable life together!

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