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5 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In The New Year

We’ve made it through the holiday bustle and it’s time to start having some fun! My dogs have grown restless and needy. They are waiting for their turn to have some fun. I’ve decided to make it up to them by compiling a list of five fun things I can do with them this New Year.

exercise with dog

1. Take More Walks

With all the delicious holiday food we eat this time of year, we humans could probably do with a few extra walks. Almost all dogs LOVE walks and even get excited at the sight of a leash. This way, you get to walk away the guilt of 2016 comfort foods and your dog gets the exercise all dogs need to stay healthy.

Look at the sky, enjoy the snow, or even take a trip to the local corner store by foot. No matter where you go, it is guaranteed that your walk-loving dog will find joy in every step. I live in a rural area so the walk into town is a bit of a no-go for my dog and I. I do however have a lovely wooded area in my back yard. I plan to take my dog on many adventurous treks in the woods this New Year.

exercise with dog

2. Go on a Camping Trip

Sometimes we all need to just get away from it all after the stress of the passing year. Going camping is a great way to get out, get going, and have fun! Take your dog along with you as you become one with nature and they will thank you for it. Go backpacking in the forest or hike the mountain trails. You and your pooch will return home refreshed and ready to get on with 2017.

exercise with dog

3. Obedience and Trick Training

All dogs should have some kind of training in their lives. How far you take this training is entirely up to you. Dogs absolutely love pleasing their owners. They also get a kick out of all the treats and praise they receive when they follow commands. You might even be able to relieve the headache of some of your dog’s bad habits.

Training your dog can also be a wonderful bonding experience for you both. Teaching your dog to sit, stay, and rollover is a great way to start. Before you know it, your dog could be learning all kinds of tricks! Or maybe you could teach him to stop jumping on company for once. There are tons of fun online tutorials on dog training to be found on the internet. I personally love to watch dog training videos on YouTube.

dog trick training

4. Make a Doggie Play-Date

Dogs happen to be the most popular pet among most people. It shouldn’t be hard to find a friend or co-worker who has one. Our furry pals,  like many humans, love to socialize. If your dog is friendly towards other dogs, you might want to try setting up a doggie play-date and introduce him to some new friends.

Pups love to sniff, run, and play with other members of their species. Who knows? You might even make a few friends along the way. Make sure both dogs are up-to-date on their vaccines!

exercise with dog

5. Play Fetch

I know this one may seem a bit obvious but there are few more fun things that you can do with your dog. You could even take your dog on a trip to the local dog-friendly pet store to pick out a new toy. This is another one of those activities that really promotes bonding between dog and owner. Dogs can be a lot like children in the way they desire a lot of attention and play time.

The best part about fetch is that you can do it in so many different places. Your front yard, the park, or even your own home is a great place to throw a ball. My dog and I personally love it when I throw a ball against the wall for him to catch.

exercise with dog

There are so many things you can do to have fun with your dog. Start off 2017 with the joy and entertainment that can only be found with your fun-loving canine. Happy New Years!

About Author: Hi, I’m Anna Sakila and I love to give my friend the best of everything. I started my blog so I can also share my experiences with you. Take a tour through my site to see helpful stories and useful information on the best ways to care for your lovely dog.


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