two friendly cats on spring

7 Signs of a Happy Kitty

When cats get dangerously moody, they misbehave and might leave scratches your face or hands, or even a painful bite. These signs simply show that your cat is not happy. As a cat owner, you need to know the good and bad signs of your kitty’s mood. There is nothing better than having a happy feline friend. Here are some tips to notice a happy kitty:


If your cat rubs their head against your legs as you go about your day, that is definitely a happy greeting. Cats are very cautious because they have scent glands which help them note the people, animals and places that are safe for them. The glands are located in their heads, tails, lips and chins so rubbing is a definite sign that your cat trusts you and is happy to be around you.

two friendly cats on spring

Look Into Their Eyes

Cats can be quite expressive in their eyes. Cats tend to not to blink while in the vicinity of another potentially harmful creature due to their cautious nature. If your cat makes a slow, lazy blink, this is an indicator of happiness, affection and trust. To reciprocate the affection, blink in the same manner. There are also times when their eyes dilate which is a sign of extreme happiness.

 beautiful asian girl kissing american shorthair cat on the bed

Happy Tails

Cats can use their tails to express their moods to their owner as well as other animals. When the cat raises its tail up high, this indicates confidence and happiness at its current state and environment. The tip of the tail can also convey some body language; the tip of the tail will be twitching to express happiness.

cute little ginger kitten wearing warm knitted sweater is sitting on white carpet, top view point

Perky Ears

The ears of a cat can show you the various emotions of a cat. For instance, flattened ears are a sign of fear and anxiety which indicates that your cat is not comfortable in its current habitat. If only one ear is flattened, it shows that the cat is not very sure of what is happening in its surrounding. So what indicates happiness? Are there times when you notice that your cat’s ears are facing upwards, and a little inclined towards the rear? The inclination may not be evident, but that is just the way your happy cat will place its ears.

blue eyed cat

Facing Forward

If your cat has their head pointed forward, it shows that they are happily passing greetings to those around them and welcoming people to reach out for a cuddle or some play time. If you extend your hand and your kitty rubs their head against it, that is an indicator of a really happy kitty.

siamese cat warily watching, sitting on a wooden bench


If your cat shows a confident behavior, that is a sign that you have a happy cat. Curiosity is the nature of every other cat so they should be confidently exploring their surroundings either alone or in your presence. Your cat will be interested in everything that captures its attention by following an object or quietly observing it. A happy cat will hold its head up high confidently and fearlessly explore its environment. You can tell that your cat is curious by watching their body movements from opening their eyes wide to moving the tail side to side.

male tabby cat playing in a paper bag on the floor

Healthy = Happy

A healthy cat is a happy cat. A cat that is well taken of will be physically content and emotionally happy. They will be found grooming themselves and taking good care of themselves. To express their contentment and happiness, they can extend their kindness to other cats and their owner by grooming them as well. Sadness will make your cat neglect their self care by ceasing to groom. From that scruffy look, you will know by no doubt that your kitty is far from being content.

a maine coon cat cleaning itself, licking it's paw.

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  1. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    We have four kitties, all with very different personalities but each one is loving and confident. One of our girls is a bit timid with everyone but me. She’s such a mama’s girl. Nothing is more beautiful than the look of love in your cat’s eyes!


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