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7 Steps to Building the Perfect Dog House

A good sturdy dog house will work wonders for keeping your dog out of the rain, sleet and snow when left alone in the back yard. Unfortunately, many people build dog houses that simply aren’t very well thought out. When you have a beloved dog, it is very important to make sure his home environment is safe and secure. Below are seven simple steps to constructing a solid dog house that will give your pet just what they need.

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1. Choose a Design

The very first, and arguably most important step of building a quality dog house is to choose a design that’s going to work well. Select a design that takes into the consideration of your dog, making sure to create a space small enough for your dog to be able to keep warm on cool nights. Select a design that you like the looks of and that you believe you can construction without problems. There are dog house plans available online as well as at many building stores.

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2. Obtain the Materials

Now that you know what sort of dog house you want to build, it’s time to go ahead and to assemble all the materials that you’re going to need. Head to the local lumber store and buy all the necessary materials for your project. Be sure to grab a little extra in case you make mistakes while creating your project.

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3. Use Weather Resistant Wood

Weather resistant wood is an important investment to make for all the lumber that will be facing the elements. That means your lower platform, your roofing and any exterior walls of the structure should be built from pressure treated wood that is less likely to rot over time when damp.

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4. Invest in Metal Roofing

Metal roofing may be a bit more expensive than shingle roofing, but it’s much more durable and will hold up better over time. Not only that, but it can help keep your pet cooler in warm conditions than shingles will. When applied to a surface as small as a dog house, metal roofing is highly affordable as well.

5. Build the Platform and Walls

Pre-construct the floor platform and the walls of the dog house so that you can put it all together in the end. Once they are all attached you can easily add the roof to the house and then cover it with the roofing that you purchased earlier.

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6. Insulate the Walls

Before putting the dog house together, consider adding insulation to the walls if your dog will be using the house in cold weather conditions. This will help it stay much warmer and will make it into a more effective structure for your pet.

7. Complete Assembly

Now that you have the walls and floor platform assembled, attach the walls to the floor and then build the roof on top of the walls. Finish the house by adding the roofing material to cover it up and protect it. You now have a reliable dog house that will keep your pet out of the elements when left alone.

pet dog's comfort zone in a shop

About the Author:

Jason grew up in construction working with his dad’s contracting company. He has been working with Contractors Today and is loving it. His passion is to build something of value from scratch.


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  1. Lyder Bailey
    Lyder Bailey says:

    Nice post! I would recommend owners to let the dog watch when your building the house. I build my dog’s house myself and let him choose the color he like.

  2. Drake Frost
    Drake Frost says:

    Great idea, thanks. For the manufacture of wooden booths, spruce, alder, oak, pine and cedar are used. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, withstand temperature extremes and protect against wind. Brick is a reliable material with high performance properties. Plastic ones are hygienic, harmful microorganisms do not appear in them, they are easy to care for. In addition, the booth installed on the street will become a real home for your pet. He will live in it, sleep, hide from the sun, wind and rain. The owner can not always determine when the dog walks up and wants to go home, she will calmly go there when she wishes. It is important that the booth is of high quality, does not leak and does not pass the cold. Otherwise, the dog may freeze or get wet, which will lead to a deterioration in its health. Good luck!


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