7 Tips to Enjoy Camping With Your Dog

Thinking about camping for your most awaited summer holidays but worried about the dog? Today, I will discuss 7 tips to enjoy camping with your dog. Some key things should be remembered to take your dog with you for camping.  Mostly you need to think about your dog’s physical fitness, safety and security.

1. Before camping your pet needs a physical check-up

  • Consulting a Specialist: Consult with your nearest veterinarian for both physical and behavioral checkup to determine if your dog completely fits to join with you. Let your veterinarian know about the camping location and make sure that your dog has all vaccinations up to date. Flea and tick preventive medicines can be applied during the physical checkup. You can also make a name tag for your dog. The tag should include: dog’s name, your name, home address and phone number.
  • Grooming Your Dog: You also need to groom your dog properly before camping. For grooming you need to use: shampoo, towel, conditioner, scissors/ clippers, brush, etc. You need to learn about your dog’s behavior about grooming. Some dogs like to be brushed but not nail trimming. You need to do the thing last that your dog dislikes. Brushing can be done once in a week (for short haired dogs) or everyday (for long haired dogs). Make sure that grooming sessions are fun and enjoyable for your dog. At first, just take 5-10 minutes for grooming. Make it a regular basis to adjust it with your dog’s behavior. Use better tools for proper grooming of your dog.

2. Finding a suitable camping site

It’s important to research a little before selecting a camping site. For example, you choose a site which doesn’t allow pets. After traveling a far distance, this can be really embarrassing!!! So you should do a little research about the campsite before starting your journey. Also, you need to find the environments and weather forecasts of the selected area. This research can save you a lot of problems that can come into your way. You need to check about leash laws because some campsites only allow restrained pets in their area.

3. Things to pack up

You need to pack a lot of things for camping with your dog. Things that you can’t miss while packing:

  • Durable collar with ID tag.
  • Long leash for walking your dog
  • Plenty of food and water (you need to carry some extra)
  • Special food for special treat
  • Brush and other grooming tools
  • Collar with glowing lights for night walking
  • Sweater for cold weather
  • Smell proof poop container

4. Special training for camping

At the campsite, there will be other campers. You need to train your dog good behavior not to disturb fellow camper’s peace. You need to train your dog for good campsite etiquette. You need to use voice command a lot for keeping your dog outside of your fellow campers. Pay attention to your dog closely so that it stays with you most of the time. Train your dog to follow you properly. Whoa, come, leave it- these basic training should be done properly to avoid further troubles

5. Security for your dog

The most important tip is here!!! Security should be given as the top most priority during your whole trip.

Security measures to follow:

  • Strong collar with long leash
  • Waterproof collar
  • Don’t let your dog to roam freely
  • Tie your dog when you are not around
  • Boundary training is essential to keep your dog safe
  • Collar with micro chip can be used for tracking
  • For complete safety, you can use wireless portable dog fence

6. Watch out for potential dangers

If your campsite is near to a forest or waterfall, you need to watch out for potential dangers. Nature is unpredictable so as the accidents. You may like to camp in cold weather. In that case, prepare for weather related health issues. Always bring regular medicines and consult a specialist for additional help. Take preventive measures according to your campsite location.

7. First aid box

A good first aid box is an essential part of your camping. There are certain things for dogs especially and not for you!!! That’s why; you need to carry an additional first aid box for your dog. You can make a box yourself or you can buy online first aid boxes. An ideal first aid box for your dog should include medicines for pain and infections, bandages, foot balm and septic powder to stop bleeding.


Camping with your dog can be a lot of fun and a good trip to remember as well!!! Just follow all the points discussed here. Specially look for safety measures. Give your dog a good playtime within nature and have fun!!!

About the Author: Jennifer Scott is a Blogger and writer from Florida. She Loves Pet very much and also writing. She also loves to travels a lot with her family. Now she is writing for Presidentpet. Check out her latest writing on dog fence.

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  1. Paul Morel
    Paul Morel says:

    I would really love to bring my dog every camping but then I’m afraid that they will be lost. Microchip implant helps but I think there still a way to track them in case they lost.

  2. Clint Nebria
    Clint Nebria says:

    Security of my dogs is important i always attached them my Trackimo 3G Tracking device on their collar so that i can keep track on them and if ever they got lost.


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