8 Benefits of Allowing (and Keeping) Dogs in the Workplace

We love our dogs like family and would love to have the opportunity to be with them all day long. But, sometimes it’s just not practical. After all, we have to earn a paycheck to pay for our living expenses and, of course, our favorite pups.

But, what if your boss decided that he or she might consider allowing employees to bring their dogs to the office? How fantastic would that be to have your favorite companion with you all day long!

While not all workplaces can implement having dogs at work depending on the building, the landlord, and other factors, even a monthly or an annual doggy work day could be feasible.

In fact, there are numerous benefits of having a dog at work, not only for you but for everyone else in the office.

Below are 8 benefits of How Dogs Can Actually Enhance the Workplace:

1. Promotes Compatibility

In many offices, people like to sit alone in front of their computer and just get their work done. But, bringing a dog to the office can change this dynamic. A dog will bring colleagues together and maybe even enable the shy computer programmer to interact with the marketing guru that never took the time. A dog will bring everyone together and can help start conversations that day and even in the near future!

2. Instant Stress Reducer

Dogs will help anyone who is feeling stressed. Dogs have been known to help reduce stress just by looking in their eyes or petting them. Having a furry friend around will lighten the mood and reduce stress. Pet the dog, take a deep breath, and back to work!

3. Increase in Productivity

It has been known that the best way to increase creativity and productivity is to take short breaks, a walk, or how about petting a dog?! By spending a little time with your dog or even someone else’s dog, it can give you a quick break and then you are ready to get back to work feeling happier and refreshed. And more creative!

4. Gets Employees Moving

We all know the benefits of exercising each day. But, sometimes you just can’t find the time. If there is a dog in the office, the dog will need to be walked from time to time. By having a dog around, it can encourage you or the other employees to get out of the office for a short walk.

And, even when the dogs aren’t there, the daily walks could be implemented because now everyone is used to walking and how great it feels!

5. Dogs Won’t Have To Be Left Alone

Bringing your dog to work not only benefits you and the employees, but your dog won’t have to be left alone all day. By having your dog at work, you don’t have to worry about finding a dog walker or that your dog is home and missing you. If you have an older dog, it would be a great comfort to know that your dog is with you and it would be less worry for you.

6. Employees Would Work Longer Hours

If your employees had their dogs with them all day long, they would invariably work longer hours. With their pup by their side, dog owners wouldn’t have to worry about running home to feed the dog or letting the dog out. Which once again would make the employees more productive.

7. Employee Retention

If your employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work, there is no doubt that they would be much happier at work and would have a hard time leaving an office that allows dogs. Once your employees get used to having the dogs with them, the last thing they (or the dogs) will want is to leave them at home.

By leaving a dog-friendly company, the employees aren’t the only one who would lose out. Their dogs would be too!

8. Great For Prospective Candidates

Allowing dogs in the workplace is also a great perk for prospective candidates that want to work there. If you are looking for a new employee and they seem like the right fit, they are probably considering multiple offers. And, of course, dog owners would certainly choose a company that allows dogs over one that doesn’t.

dog sitting next to owner using laptop

It can also be something that is written right on the website or in the job description. Most dog owners would love to work at “a dog-friendly company.”

Now that your company has finally allowed dogs in the office, you want to make sure that your company remains a dog-friendly workplace.

Below are some tips to make a dog-friendly workplace a success:

1. Dogs should be vaccinated

All your dog’s vaccinations need to be up to date, particularly the rabies vaccination. If your dog bites another dog, you want to make sure neither dog gets rabies.

2. Dogs should be wearing flea collars

Dogs should not have fleas or ticks and are either wearing a flea collar or are taking flea and tick medication. If your dog has fleas or is prone to fleas, it’s best to leave your dog at home.

3. Dogs need to have proper identification

All dogs must have proper identification, either a physical id tag or microchipped and a leash. If your dog gets out or runs away, proper identification will ensure that you get your pup home.

4. Dog supplies to bring to the office

It’s important to bring all your dog supplies with you each day to make sure that your dog is comfortable.

german shepherd dog using a laptop

  • Bring your dog’s water bowl or make sure your pup has access to water.
  • Poop bags are a must, and it’s always a good idea to confirm that your dog had a potty break before you get to the office.
  • Bring some snacks for your dog to munch on as well as a bed or blanket where your dog can rest.
  • A KONG or toy for your dog to chew on is a great toy to keep him busy and relaxed.
  • A harness and a leash are always good to have not only for the office but when your pup needs a potty break (or your fellow employees want to take your dog on a walk!)

5. Dogs need to be socialized and well-trained

Make sure your dog is friendly and comfortable interacting with other dogs and people in public places.

Don’t bring a skittish, fearful, or aggressive dog in to work with you.

If your dog isn’t well trained, it can be problematic for a work environment. Just make sure that your dog understands at least the basic commands like how to sit, come to you and to lie down.

6. Your dog should be positioned close by you

Make sure to keep your dog near you whether it’s in your office or inside your cubicle so you and always keep an eye on him.

7. Not everyone loves dogs (even though it’s hard to believe!)

Let your co-workers come to you to pet your dog because not everyone loves dogs, or maybe they are nervous around a big dog. And, of course, the same can be said for other dogs at the office.

8. Pet insurance is great to have when bringing dogs to the office

If your dog gets hurt or sick at work, and you need emergency care close by, pet insurance can help cover the costs of any injury or illness that might occur. And that’s always a great relief.

Final Thoughts on Bringing Dogs to the Office

Taking your dogs to work can be a win-win for everyone and could even make everyone look forward to going to the office on a daily basis.

In fact, some offices are even considering group plans, and employee discounts for pet insurance since pets are such an integral part of our lives.

If you follow the proper protocol, dogs in the office can be a great addition for everyone.

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Lisa Fimberg is a writer for Consumers Advocate.org, a site that provides information on the best of everything from RV insurance to pet insurance. The team at Consumers Advocate.org came up with a very detailed guide that not only details how pet insurance works but also the best companies to offer pet insurance.

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    Dogs in the workplace provide more social support for employees, as well as more opportunities for coworkers to interact in a positive setting, according to a number of studies. Social support, or that feeling of being cared for, also serves as “a key factor in whether people with serious mental illness return to work or remain employed. Allowing pets in the office can boost a customer’s perception of the business. Most customers have a positive reaction when they are offered a chance to interact with an employee’s pet, and it can help them to relax and enjoy their visit to the business. Having pets in the office also tends to soften the company’s image and makes a business seem more progressive and forward thinking. https://esacare.com/emotional-support-animal-need-reasons/


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