8 Crazy Facts About Cats

What if I told you that no matter how much of a cat enthusiast you are, there are basic things about your cat that you misunderstood the entire time?

That no matter how many kitty videos you watched on the internet or how many times you pet a cat, you don’t know the most fundamental things about kitties.

It’s Respect Your Cat Day on March 28 and on this date, you should make sure to give your cat some extra love. But how can you do that if you don’t really know your cutie?

Therefore, I am going to reveal 8 of the most unknown, absurd facts about cats that you probably didn’t know of.

Sounds crazy? Read on.

1. Cats Can Fall Over 300 Feet On Concrete and Survive

We have all seen videos of cats falling off a table, a car or even a house and landing on their feet, walking away perfectly fine. But did you know that a study conducted in the 1980s revealed that cats can fall from over 300 feet on concrete and walk away without any significant injuries?

Yes, you read that right… 300 feet.

Just to illustrate that for you: The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet high at the very peak. This means a cat could jump off the Statue of Liberty, fall onto solid concrete and walk away like it’s no big deal.

But it gets even better!

The study also concluded that the longer a cat falls, the higher are its chances of survival (up to a certain point of course). Therefore, a cat falling 20 feet is more likely to die or suffer from severe injuries than falling 60 feet. Crazy, right?

This is due to the time they need to adjust a correct landing position while in the air and the fact that beyond a certain point, the falling speed does not increase any more.

Is that the craziest on the list? Nope, it gets even crazier.

2. Cat Noses Are The Equivalent Of Human Fingerprints

Did you know that your cat is 100% unique? And no, I don’t mean because he or she is so exceptionally fluffy, beautiful and adorable (which I am sure is the case though…).


It’s because cats have fingerprints too! Or at least, kind of…

I am talking about the noses of cats! The little bumps and irregularities you can see on them are entirely unique like a human fingerprint. So you could, theoretically, identify each and every single cat on this planet with its ‘nose print’.

Cats probably wouldn’t like that…but you could do it!

So now you truly now that your cat is a special one.

3. Cats Can Get Lactose Intolerant Just Like Humans

If a person is lactose intolerant, he or she has a limited ability to digest food containing Lactose, like yogurt, cheese, milk and pretty much every other dairy product. But is that a condition that is limited to the human being?

No. It’s not.

As it turns out, cats are very likely to develop a lactose intolerance when they grow older. This means they are not able to digest anything containing lots of lactose anymore – including milk!

But wait…

In every movie, household and even some ads you see people giving their cats milk as a treat, what’s wrong here? The answer is simple:

After kittens are not reliant on their mother’s milk anymore, the number of enzymes responsible for digesting lactose slowly declines, but a little amount remains. Therefore, cats can consume small amounts of dairy products without suffering from the typical symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Treat her with too much, however, and your cutie will suffer from pain in the abdominal region and possibly even long term serious health issues!

This is something cat lovers usually don’t know about cats’ bodies. But that’s not the only body-related fact that people often have no idea about.

More about that in a minute…

4. Cats Are Either ‘Right-Pawed’ Or ‘Left-Pawed’

I know what you are thinking: Cats can’t write. They can’t do the complex things with their paws that we do with our hands, so how is that even possible?

Stay with me here…

Cats use their paws a lot to interact with their environment. For example, they tend to touch an unknown object to inspect its surface and condition.

Well as it turns out, cats prefer using one paw over the other when doing these things. The preference is so strong that it’s very comparable to us human beings preferring to do a thing with either the right or left hand.

A study even found out that the preference of which paw a cat likes to use is linked to its gender! In short: Female cats generally prefer the right and males the left paw.

Here is a fun game to play:

When your cat is relaxing on the ground, just minding its business, approach it with a fun cat toy and see which paw your cutie uses first when taking a swing at it. Most of the time, it will use the one that is generally preferred by your cat’s gender.

Don’t believe me? Try it out! You will be surprised…

5. Many Young People Prefer Cats Over Kids

Millennials. They are often the reason for quite the headlines. Here is another one:

A large-scale study revealed that Millennials generally prefer having pets over kids, with cats being the preferred pets. This means young people prefer being cat moms than real moms!

But you know what?

I don’t blame them. Cats are beautiful both on the outside and inside. They make you feel loved, needed and whole. Oh, and let’s talk about something essential in today’s world:


Cats are way cheaper than kids. No matter how many cat towers, kitty pendant necklaces, food or other things you get as a cat mom, raising a kitty is still extremely cheap compared to raising a child.

How much cheaper?

Well, throughout its life, a cat costs around $1000 per year. For one kid, college included, you need $14000 per year. That’s quite the difference, don’t you think?

Still, not having children and instead, surrounding yourself with cats for the rest of life? Although I am a cat mom myself, I find that a bit crazy.

6. Cats Do Not Meow At Each Other To Communicate


It’s the sound we all know and love so much. The Internet is full of videos in which cute cats meow at the camera – and I love it!

But what most people don’t know is that cats developed this sound to communicate exclusively with humans! In fact, grown cats do not meow at each other at all. Never.


They simply have other ways of communication that they prefer to use like tail movement, body language and yowling. The latter is commonly mistaken as a meowing.

When conflict arises between cats, they yowl (or hiss) at each other to intimidate and scare the other cat away. Since this noise is higher pitched and generally different in sound, it is scientifically not regarded as meowing.

7. Cats Can Drink Sea Water To Hydrate

Humans can’t drink sea water to hydrate, and we all know it. Drink sea water because you are thirsty, and you’ll die pretty quickly.

Cats are different.

Of course, cats can dehydrate, but not by drinking sea water. They are simply better than us in this regard. Cats’ kidneys are so efficient that they can filter out enough salt for the cats to easily hydrate.

Pretty cool, right?

8. Cats Have Different Amounts Of Toes On Their Paws

Remember earlier, when I told you there are some things that cat owners don’t know about their cats’ bodies? Let’s look at another body part of kitties: Paws.

Can you tell how many toes there are on a cat’s paw? 5, right? Well, the answer is…


It depends! Cats have different amounts of toes on their fore and hind paws. When born without any physical anomalies, cats have 5 paws on their fore and 4 on their hind paws.

I mentioned the physical anomalies because sometimes, cats get born with a crazy amount of toes. A so-called ‘Polydactyl Cat’ is a cat born with a physical anomaly, resulting in more than the usual 18 paws.

For example, one cat was born with 28 instead of the usual 18 paws! That’s a Guinness World Record!


That wraps up our article about the 8 craziest cat facts! I hope you enjoyed the read and since ‘Respect Your Cat Day’ is right around the corner, make sure to spend some extra quality time with your cutie, especially since you now know that your cat is even cooler than you thought!
Do you have any other crazy cat facts that we missed? Make sure to let us know down in the comments!

Author bio:

Maria has been a writer for over 3 years now and currently works in content creation and customer service at KittySensations. The company designs and sells handmade cat jewelry to kitty lovers across the globe. So far, their mission to bring cat owners closer together with their sweethearts has been widely successful with over 2000 happy customers around the world.


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    Mind blowing. I want to add one more, cats dream just like us. Scientists did a comparison study in which they observed that the pattern of brain activity while asleep were exactly similar to pattern of activity while they were performing other tasks. If your kitty is twitching whiskers, whimpering or moving their paws while sleeping they are probably dreaming about climbing the post or chasing after toys. https://esacare.com/esa-cat-quality-life/


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