dog relaxing on a fancy deck chair

8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

dog relaxing on a fancy deck chair

With the summertime comes nice weather and heat. While many people enjoy the warmth, too much of this heat is not good for a dog. The dog can overheat and suffer serious health consequences. There are some steps to keeping your cool this summer.

1. Cool Beds

Cooling beds like the Slumber Pet Cool Pup Mat and Cool Bed III will keep your pet comfortable in the heat. The bed was specially designed so that heat will go back into the air and off the bed. Cool beds have a cool core in the center that is filled with water. This will allow the bed to absorb the body temperature of the dog and allow the dog to lay on a bed that is room temperature. This will help a dog that is getting too hot in the summer. The beds will be able to resist the heat and will provide a cool feeling for the dog.

parson jack russell terrier resting on his bed, with selective focus on eyes

2. Pup Popsicles

The Cool Pup Popsicles will give a dog something to chew on and will help cool them down. The toy can be filled with water and placed in the freezer. It will take about two hours for the water inside to freezer after this the dog can chew on this and cool down. This toy comes in the shape of an ice pop as well. These treats will allow a dog to chew on something cold. This will help cool them down and keep them busy at the same time.

the cute hound drinks a cocktail in bar on a beach

3. Guardian Gear Cool Pup Faucet Waterer

This waterer can make it easy for a dog to get a cool drink when they are thirsty outside. All they need to do is lick at this waterer and they can get some cool water. This device can attach to an outdoor faucet or hose so a dog can enjoy a drink whenever they need it. When the pet is thirsty all they need to do is go up and suck on the wateter. Water will come out helping the pet stay hydrated.

6482375 - dog german shepherd eating or drinking from bowl painted in bones in home. horizontal, color image.

4. Portable Bowl

Dogs like to go hiking and go out with their owner when the weather is nice. The owner has to make sure the dog stays hydrated and has plenty to drink. Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowls are easy to carry. All a person has to do is pop it open, fill it with water, and let the dog drink. It can be closed again when the dog is done. The bowl comes in many different colors. The best part is that when you fold it up, it is small enough to keep in a travel bag or purse.

young woman with her dog walking on meadow.

5. Bandana

A bandana is a great way to keep the pet cool while giving them some style. Choose a bandana that is made with polymer crystals. They are no toxic and can absorb heat. This will help cool the dog down. They will be able to keep the dog’s skin dry and absorb sweat. Bandanas come in sizes ranging from those that fit extra small dogs to extra large dogs.

dog in mountains hiking with red bandana

6. Cooler Bed Cover

If a person already has a bed for their dog this cooling cover can make it more comfortable. These thermo-regulated covers will allow the pet to be comfortable when resting. The broadcloth will allow the coolness from the bed to transfer to the cover to soothe a hot pet. If a person does not want to purchase a bed with separate cooling material this cover can help keep the dog cool and prevent them from overheating especially in their sleep.

dog is lying on back on the bed - selective focus

7. Cooling Collars

The Kool Collars will help cool a pet down on a hot summer day. There is an ice pack that is frozen and then put inside the collar. This will help comfort the pet and given them an instant feeling of coolness. The ice will stay in the collar and will provide comfort for 30-50 minutes. This is a great way to cool the pet down when it gets hot out. This special ice pack is designed to go right into the collar providing instant relief from the heat.

red with white puppy for a walk

8. Kong Aqua

The Kong Aqua toy was designed for water play. The Kong still comes in the same shape that dogs love. This toy will float in the water. A person can throw the Kong in the lake, pool, or other body of water and it will float so the dog can get it. This is a great way to help cool the dog down and have some fun. The Kong toy will still be strong enough to stand up to even tougher chewers.

jack russell terrier dog swimming in aqua blue pool.

These are some ways that a person can help their dog stay cool in the summer. People love to play with their dogs outside. They need to take measures to keep the dog from overheating so everyone can enjoy the summer fun.

About the Author:

Mackenzie Grove is a blogger and writer from Canada. She is a pet lover, owner over the last 10 years and worked on a growing pet business for almost 3 years. Now she is writing for Dogclippersly. Check out her latest article about dog dental care.

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  1. Monika
    Monika says:

    My dog loooves his cooling pads. He jumps right to them when we come from our walk. But it gets really hot where I live, up to 35C, so it is no wonder. It helps him cool off a lot.

  2. Felix Morgan
    Felix Morgan says:

    During summer, I always add some ice to my dogs water to at least keep him cool. Thanks for this tips I now have other means of keeping my dog cool on summers.

    • EntirelyPets
      EntirelyPets says:

      Felix, ice in the water bowl is a great tip! I put ice in my chicken’s water on hot days as well. Take care and stay cool!

    • EntirelyPets
      EntirelyPets says:

      Ice in the water bowl is so simple and so effective. These furry doggy bodies can’t feel comfortable in how weather. Got to do what we can to keep our dogs comfortable.

  3. Ryan Olivas
    Ryan Olivas says:

    These ways are so cool! I always walk my dog to the sand of beaches and i always make sure that he’s safe in my hand by putting a collar with a leash on his neck. And of course a tracker that could track him anywhere whenever i swim and left him alone. I’m using trackimo fyi.

  4. Bark Collar
    Bark Collar says:

    I find this article very informative. I have a dog his name is pot2x – he is mix shih tzu and pomeranian. The best tip for me here is #6, its really my problem since he always sleep beside me, now i know how to make him more comfortable and cool.


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