9 Bulletproof Methods to Entertain Your Bored Dog Quickly

A bored dog equals an unhappy dog. And you surely don’t want your furry pal to feel miserable. The good news is that you don’t need too much effort to make him happy. There are some really awesome ways through which you can turn your bored dog into an enthusiastic pup in literally one moment.

dog looking at owner on hammock

Dogs really love sleeping. What they love even more is eating. And what they love the most is spending time with the most important person in their life – their owner.

Unfortunately for your dog, you just can’t be with him all the time. If you’re like most people on the planet, you probably go to work every day, leaving him alone at home. To prevent him from becoming miserable, here are some things you can do.

Method No. 1 – Give the Dog a Bone

The ancient solution to a dog’s boredom is guaranteed to work. No matter how cuddly he might be, your dog is a predator deep inside his soul. And such, he goes nuts when he smells blood. Or anything of animal origin.

frenchie eating treat on blanketGiving him an animal bone is guaranteed to make him drool, but this kind of primordial urge is not the only reason why this is such a good ideal. Dogs have an urge to chew. They can’t help it. So, better let him chew a bone than a piece of furniture.

The list of reasons why it’s smart to give a dog a bone to keep him entertained doesn’t end there. Another reason is that sometimes it’s a real challenge to eat a bone, especially if it’s big. But, your dog loves a good challenge! And he’s not gonna give up, even if that means chewing on the bone all the time while you’re away.

Method No. 2 – Buy Him Some Toys

Dogs love chewing, but sometimes chewing a bone is not the best solution for them. Some bones can be sharp so the dog can cut himself. Or, he might swallow it whole, which could make him choke. It probably won’t happen, but you surely don’t want to worry about your pup while you’re away.

dog chewing on yellow toy

That’s why a good alternative is to give him a dog toy designed for this exact purpose. A squeaky toy will catch his attention instantly, and because these toys are made for chewing, he won’t stop doing it till you get back home.

Method No. 3 – Buy an Automatic Ball Thrower

Although getting a squeaky toy for him is certainly a smart choice, such toys don’t do anything else but make funny noises when pressed. If your pup is a guy of action, he will get bored of it quickly. He needs something more exciting in his life, like playing a game of fetch with his owner, for example.

But, what he’s gonna do when his owner is busy or not home at all? Well, there is a solution to this problem. You can keep your dog entertained easily by getting him an automatic ball thrower. This device does exactly what its name says – it shoots balls automatically.

Depending on what kind of fetching machine you buy, your dog might have to bring the ball back to the machine and place it in the right slot in order for the same to happen all over again. But, there are also some automatic ball throwers that come with large ball dispensers, so that they can shoot dozens of balls without any need for the dog to actually do anything. And these machines usually let the owner choose how often the balls will be fired in the air and how far they’re gonna go.

Method No. 4 – Get a Playpen for Him

No matter what breed your pup might be, he’s guaranteed to have hours of fun with an automatic dog thrower. The problem is that it won’t be fun for you if he breaks something in your home while playing. Not to mention that the ball thrower can easily break a window or two on its own.

But, this doesn’t mean the game of fetch is something only dogs who live in houses with large backyards can enjoy. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can get such a machine for your dog. Only choose a smaller one with a smaller reach. And, of course, get a playpen for your pup.

This way, you will ensure he won’t break your furniture in the heat of the moment, nor will he get himself in some kind of danger while playing, e.g., jumping out of the window by accident.

Method No. 5 – Keep the TV On

Give your dog a photo album, he won’t care. But, if you turn the TV on, he’ll get interested. It’s because dogs can’t see in 2D, so photos don’t mean anything to them. But, they can see in 3D, meaning that what’s happening on the TV screen is bound to grab your dog’s attention.

But, not everything will work. Same as humans, dogs have different tastes when it comes to television. Some action-packed love movies with human actors in them; others prefer watching wild animals. So, make sure you figure out that what’s on the TV is actually gonna keep him occupied while you’re away.

Method No. 6 – Bring a Friend In

His friend, not yours. When together, two dogs can have a lot of fun, even if no humans are around. But, where to find him a friend? Well, that shouldn’t be such a big problem. The chances are that some of your friends have a pup who’s also getting bored when they’re at work.

But, just finding a playing partner for your four-legged buddy doesn’t mean your job is done. Dogs can get carried away during the playtime. And that can mean a real disaster. When you come back from work, you might come to see that the dogs have destroyed your furniture, defecated on your flor, or did something who knows what. They can be really creative when they’re being naughty.

So, make sure to create them a safe space, where they will be safe from accidentally injuring themselves, but also where they’ll be kept away from things they could destroy.

Method No. 7 – Take Him to a Puppy Daycare Center

In the same way, parents take their kids to daycare centers when they go to work, dog owners can take their pups. Of course, it’s cheaper to let him stay alone at home, but taking your dog to a daycare center comes with many great benefits.

First of all, it means that he’ll be 100% safe and sound. He can’t chew off an electric cable or fall from a window. Such scenarios are possible if he’s home alone. But in a daycare center, he’ll be under the eye of professionals.

And because they’re professionals, they will know how to keep him entertained, but also how to take care of his diet and even help him learn new tricks.

Method No. 8 – Hire a Professional Dog Walker to Take Him Out

Dogs are born to run, but those who live in small apartments often don’t get enough exercise. Taking your dog for a walk once a day is just not enough for him to stay fit.

And unfit dogs are at risk of some serious health problems, including heart attack and kidney failure. To help him get some exercise, you could hire a professional dog walker to take him to a park while you’re away.

Method No. 9 – Let Him Sleep

Dogs are, by nature, crepuscular creatures, meaning that they get most active just before twilight. But, most of them need to adapt to their owners’ lifestyles. The result of this is that many dogs just don’t get enough sleep.

Solving this issue is to help him get some sleep while you’re at work. If you’re wondering why he might need your help to go to sleep, it’s because he probably thinks it’s his duty to guard the home while you’re away. And sleeping on duty is not his style.

There are several ways you can put him to sleep, the most obvious being dog sleep medication that the vet can give you. If you’d rather go with a natural alternative, a good piece of advice is to spray his bed with some calming essential oils, e.g., lavender oil, frankincense oil, etc.

Final Word

Remember that no matter how creative you get while trying to find a solution to keep your dog entertained, the only way to keep him truly happy is to spend some time with him on a regular basis. Playing with your dog is not only going to do great for him but you as well.

So, instead of sitting in front of your computer, go out and play with your pup right away!

Author Bio:

David Huner is a dog trainer looking to expand his knowledge on everything dog-related. Apart from learning new stuff on an everyday basis, David also likes sharing his knowledge with the world. That’s why he’s started his own blog named Pet Training Tip, where he shares his pet training tips and tricks.

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