A Dog-Friendly Weekend Guide

Let’s face it. Dogs are better than people. They’re always happy to see us, they’re great listeners and they totally know how to enjoy the parts of life that make us feel best – sleeping, eating and playing.

If only all businesses and public places understood just how much better our lives would be if dogs are around all the time. We could bring our dog to work, take them out to eat, see a movie with them and maybe even go grocery shopping together! We would never have to walk out the door reassuring them that we’d be back soon.

Unfortunately, most humans just don’t get it. And the ones that do are bound to the rules. Who needs rules anyway?

If you love your dog, and you consider them to be a true member of your family, you probably never stop looking for ways to integrate them into your plans. And you probably have a tendency to gravitate towards places that make an effort to allow animals in as a part of the experience.

There are some places where dogs have always been welcome, and some places opening their doors to four-legged friends for the very first time. If you’re someone who wants to bring your dog along for weekend fun, here are some ideas you can pull from.


There’s nothing more perfect or dog-friendly than a weekend in the great outdoors. While you’re enjoying the serenity and scenery, your pet will enjoy all the exciting new smells to be smelled in a new place!

Make the most of your camping trip by laying out a detailed itinerary. Be sure to include trails for hiking, plans to go canoeing and plenty of downtime if you are parenting a puppy. Camping is a great way to tire out even the most energetic young dogs.

As long as you’re a mindful pet owner, there are countless beautiful destinations that will welcome your dogs. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash, pick up after them, supply them with plenty of food and water and look out for dangerous wildlife or poisonous plant life when visiting somewhere new.

And if you consider yourself to be a real outdoorsmen, stock up on pet supplies like a dog-sized sleeping bag to keep your pet warm or dog boots to protect their feet. Your pet may not be as used to roughing it in the wild as you are, so pay close attention to how they’re feeling and base your activities around them.

Vacation in Luxury

If your dog is in need of some pampering, or camping just really isn’t your style, you’re in luck. Plenty of cities around the United States are overflowing with dog-friendly hotels for the entire family to enjoy.

In a city like Miami, there’s tons to do alongside your pet rather than keeping them cooped up in the hotel room. If you stay at the Kimpton Epic Hotel, you can pop right downstairs and visit Exhale, the hotel’s dog-friendly spa. Get pampered with your pet or take a yoga class together. At the end of the weekend you and your pet will both head home feeling totally rejuvenated.

Plenty of other travel destinations will be well-equipped to entertain your family as well. Take your dog on a walk around town. Try searching for a dog café, where you can enjoy coffee alongside your pup or maybe even visiting a dog bakery serving natural treats perfect for healthy pets.

Road Trip

Regardless of your vacation destination, we’d recommend traveling by car. Your dog will have a better experience all around if they have plenty of opportunities to go to the bathroom, stretch their legs and stick their head out the window to take in new smells.

If you don’t have a destination in mind, hop in the car anyway. You might come upon something fun and if worse comes to worse, you end up circling back home. Your pet will enjoy the ride and feel thankful for the opportunity to get out of the house.

Staying Home

If you’re having trouble identifying a good destination, or you’re feeling low on energy after a busy week of work, remember that at the end of the day your dog just wants to spend time with you.

Plenty of pets are perfectly content with a walk, a treat and the ability to cuddle up to you on a couch while you watch a movie.

If you’re willing to go the extra step, invite a human friend and a dog friend over for a night in together. Rent a movie, prepare some puppy-friendly snacks and enjoy each other’s company.

Whether you’re planning a big weekend getaway or taking our final suggestion, the desire to include your pet in your activities and spend time with them shows that you are a thoughtful pet owner. With safety in mind, any weekend plans with your dog will be fun and memorable for the whole family.

About the Author:

Jeremy is a online journalist who focuses on travel, pet-care, and lifestyle related trends. He is passionate about everything sports, as well as board games, his family, and the great outdoors. He can often be found splurging in episodes of Game of Thrones with his new mini Aussie puppy, Cooper.


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