Design-Friendly Ways to Hide a Litter Box

We pet lovers have our own host of home eyesores to contend with: from the scratched-up leather sofa you (used to) love to the gaggle of bedraggled toys strewn across your living room floor, our four-legged friends are pretty rough on the decor, to say the very least.

And then there’s the litter box. Nothing marrs your design scheme like one of these. Sure, you can tuck it away in the closet or the bathroom, but it’s still out in the open everytime you want to take a bath.

Fortunately, those aren’t your only choices. Throughout the years, cat lovers have come up with some pretty ingenious solutions to keep litter boxes from thwarting their home improvement designer ambitions—that even their cats will use! Here’s a roundup of the best ones we’ve seen.

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The Hidey Hole

This beadboard cabinet is practically powder room perfection! It doubles as a washstand, so you can keep your towels and toiletries on top—as long as you don’t mind shaving over the litter.

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Mudroom Camouflage

A storage bench in an entryway or laundry room offers a tucked-away locale for your cat’s box. That means kitty will get plenty of privacy—something that the both of you will likely appreciate.

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Cat in an IKEA Hack

Home design addicts can’t get enough of IKEA hacks—and for good reason. The furniture gurus over at IKEA Hackers turn everyone’s favorite Swedish manufacturing into multifunctional transformers. Take this FAKTUM wall cabinet, for instance, that’s been cleverly redeployed as a kitty restroom, with a spot for your little poof ball to hang out up top.


Upholstered Bench…Or Litter Box Caddy?

This one takes some carpentry skills, admittedly—but if working with a drill and a saw is your thing you could bang this project out in an afternoon. Topped with some designer fabric in your choice of pattern, this adds a personalized note of colorful flair to any room it sits in.

Via Apartment Therapy

Wine Lovers Litter Case

There’s something about wine and cats that just sort of fits—at least if the plethora of winery cats out there is any indication—so it makes total sense that one enterprising DIYer sought to repurpose aging wine cases into a kitty litter disguise. The best part about this piece is how deceptively simple it is. Take two cases, cut an entrance, and hinge the top and the bottom together. Definitely something to cheers to!

Via Buzzfeed

Cat Box Bookshelf

Perhaps the only thing that felinofiliacs love more than their cats are their libraries—that’s why this cat-cabinet-slash-bookshelf is so handy. This one affords you plenty of space, too, which is great if you have multiple cats roaming your household. A cat box that adds to your home’s aesthetic and offers organizational space to spare? What a novel idea!

About the Author Erin Vaughan is a blogger, gardener and aspiring homeowner.  She currently resides in Austin, TX where she writes full time for Modernize, with the goal of empowering homeowners with the expert guidance and educational tools they need to take on big home projects with confidence.


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