Fun Facts: Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are some fascinating little creatures and are probably the most affectionate species from the rodent’s family. Before guinea pigs become pets or healers, they were a delicious source of food. But there are a whole lot more interesting and fun facts about guinea pigs that you most probably didn’t know.

Today, guinea pigs are one of the most popular house pets, and we totally understand why – they are cute, they can dance, they are clean, they are smart, and the list can continue on and on. I guess that one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are seriously thinking to buy a guinea pig is that you must take at least two. Otherwise, he will never have a happy life and neither a long one if he isn’t happy. 

Even well-known people such as Princess Diana Spencer, Theodore Roosevelt, and Timothy Olyphant consider guinea pigs a great and fun animal to have around. 

With no further ado, in today’s post, we’re presenting fun and interesting facts about guinea pigs that will make you want one as a pet.

  1. As you already noticed, guinea pigs have nothing to do with pigs actually. I guess that there might be some similarities in their looking and that’s where their name comes from.
  2. Since we’re talking about names, let’s clear out their other part of the name, “guinea.” Their official name is Cavia Porcellus, so there’s no guinea in it. Before you ask, no, they are not from Guinea. Their name comes from the fact that people used to trade them for an English coin called guinea.
  3. We all know that male animals are courting the females during the mating season, but what happens when the female guinea pig isn’t interested in the male – she is squirting a jet of urine on him.
  4. Guinea pigs are in some ways similar to us. For instance, they are social beings too, meaning that their happiness relies on being around other guinea pigs.
  5. Queen Elizabeth I has a portrait of her holding a guinea pig. In fact, it is the first guinea pig portrait discovered
  6. Guinea pigs life expectancy is around 4-5 years, and yet, the oldest guinea pig was almost 15 years when he died.
  7. The longest guinea pig jump is 48 cm
  8. In Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia during holidays guinea pigs are the usual animal to eat just because they are easier to breed and raise than chickens, according to trusted sources from Grademiners review.
  9. They are tailless rodents.
  10. Guinea pigs don’t require much grooming since one of their favorite activities is cleaning themselves and each other.
  11. When a guinea pig wants to express himself, he makes lots of interesting and yet different noises.
  12. Guinea pig’s teeth keep growing throughout their life, said the scientific team from Edubirdie review.
  13. Guinea pigs have a different number of toes at the front feet and back feet. At the front feet, they have 4 toes, and at the back ones, they have only 3.
  14. All guinea pigs fur has 5 different types of hair.
  15. There’s a movie about guinea pigs in a train station that is all about guinea pigs multiplying each other.
  16. Pups, baby guinea pigs, are able to run since they’re only a few hours old.
  17. Guinea pigs and rabbits don’t get along. Well, the problem is that rabbits tend to bully the guinea pigs, and they also can carry diseases that can be very harmful to guinea pigs.
  18. Guinea pigs don’t sleep much, and they don’t sleep for long periods of times, they like to take naps. Guinea pigs stay awake around 20 hours per day.
  19. Guinea pigs can dance when they are excited.
  20. Guinea pigs have more sensitive hearing, smell, and touch then us. And they can make ultrasonic sounds.
  21. As the experts from one of the best essay writing service UK relates, the tactical hairs from their muzzle allow them to appreciate how small or big the surrounding is and it helps them find their way in the dark.
  22. Guinea pig’s hearts beat very, very fast between 240 to 350 beats per minute.
  23. Before scientists were conducting studies on rats, they were using guinea pigs.
  24. In Japan, you can find a clothing store exclusively for guinea pigs. There you can find even wedding dresses, hats, and hair extensions.
  25. The highest jump made by a guinea pig is 20 cm.
  26. Another sign that guinea pigs aren’t so different from us after all is the fact that they sweat like us, which means that if they stay too much in the burning sun, they can get a heart stroke.
  27. Guinea pigs love to stay in the shade whenever they have the chance to.
  28. The female guinea pig is called a “sow,” and the male “boar.”
  29. The pups are born with their eyes open and fur on them.
  30. Guinea pigs are herbivores, and while they could live a happy, long life eating grass and vegetables, they are crazy about hay
  31. The best hay for a guinea pig is Timothy Hay because it is high in fibers and low in fats.
  32. Vitamins are crucial for guinea pigs because their body isn’t producing vitamin C with is actually crucial for their health.
  33. While guinea pigs love fruits, who doesn’t, they shouldn’t eat them every day because they can get fat pretty fast.
  34. Guinea pigs are eating their poop when they eliminate nutrients too in it.
  35. Some countries acknowledged that guinea pigs can’t live a happy life if they don’t have company from their breed. Therefore, in Switzerland, it is illegal to own only one guinea pig.
  36. Their sensitivity to loud noises allows them to detect the predators from long distances which gives them enough time to run and hide.
  37. As good as their hearing can be, we can’t say the same thing about their eyesight. Their vision isn’t good, and their depth perception is very poor. On the other hand, their vision is almost 340 degrees, so they can perceive almost everything around them.
  38. Guinea pigs aren’t skilled climbers, but they compensate by being pretty fast runners considering their shape.
  39.  Guinea pigs are well-known for their intelligence, and they are also extremely good therapists, especially for kids with autism.
  40. Because they are an intelligent species, they are getting bored easily, so they need diversity in their habitat and diet. Therefore, if you own a guinea pig, you should keep in mind this aspect.
  41. But their intelligence has more perks. They can be easily trained to use the litter and do funny tricks, so if you want a pet in-between dogs and cats, guinea pigs are the best for you.
  42. Despite the fact that guinea pigs are social creatures, they are also very shy, so when they’re frightened, they either freeze or run fast.
  43. Fortunately, guinea pigs rarely attack when they’re frightened, so most probably you’ll never face their deep bite.
  44. Because of their shy personality, you must offer them a lot of places to hide.
  45. As little creature as they are today, guinea pigs’ ancestor, Josephoartigasia monesi, weighed around one tone, ten feet long, and it was around 5 feet high. The scientists said that its bite force we similar to the bite of the tiger.
  46. A woman from England used to own two guinea pigs of different sexes, and in a matter of months, she ended up owning 100 guinea pigs and had to ask for help from authorities to remove around 95 of her animals.
  47. There are at least 13 recognizable breeds of guinea pigs which formed since they become a domestic breed: American, Abyssinian, Peruvian, American satin, Abyssinian satin, Peruvian satin, silkie, teddy, silkie satin, teddy satin, coronet, texel, and white-crested.

Guinea pigs are definitively some interesting being that can be very fun to be around. I believe that the above are more than enough reasons to sustain this statement. If you’d like to have such an amazing animal around your house, you must ensure that you can provide a proper environment and you are able to fulfill his needs. 


As you can see, taking care of a guinea pig can be much more difficult than taking care of a ca and even a dog. Therefore, you must give this matter a great thought before you make a decision. Animals suffer to even though they can’t speak.

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