How Cold is Too Cold for Dogs?

The polar vortex has brought extremely cold temperatures into midwestern and northeastern United States. Some cities even had to issue states of emergency in order to protect their inhabitants from the extreme cold.

There’s no doubt that these record-breaking low temperatures are too harsh for dogs to handle. That’s why we’re appealing to dog lovers all over the country to protect dogs and puppies left outdoors.

Your Dog’s Fur Won’t Always Keep Them Warm

As you will discover, low temperatures can be quite dangerous for our four-legged pals. Leaving a dog outside when the weather is too harsh may result in frostbite and hypothermia. Both of these conditions can be life-threatening and can leave serious damages to a pup’s health.

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However, some breeds will cope with extreme cold much better than others. A husky will enjoy a good, snowy day, while a smaller breed like Maltese might start trembling after only a couple of minutes spent on snow.

While it is definitely more than obvious that all dogs should be held indoors while temperatures are lower than 10 to 20 degrees, what to do in case of polar vortex tempest? Hopefully, there will be no need for such things, but if you happen to stumble upon a dog left outside or laying on the streets, make sure to provide it with a warm shelter.

You can also take dogs to your home or at least welcome them in the hallway of your building. Anything will be better leaving them unprotected on the streets.

These extreme temperatures will surely fade away at some point, but that won’t mean that the risk of frostbite and hypothermia is completely gone. This is why this “How Cold Is Too Cold” cheat sheet brought by Barking Royalty can come in quite handy. Based on your dog’s breed size you can determine which temperatures can be life-threatening, dangerous or safe.

Knowing how cold is too cold for a dog to be kept outdoors will definitely increase overall pup protection. So, if you happen to know a lot of dog owners, spread this infographic with them and help us protect puppies around the country.

Keep in mind that some Northern breeds might be more resistant to low temperatures and that Southern breeds or hairless breeds might be more sensitive than a dog of their breed’s size.

However, not walking your dog for too long during these polar vortex temperatures is not enough. In order to make sure your dog is safe, you should make sure his surrounding is warm and his bedding dry.

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Wrap Up

Cold weather is also a time when it’s more likely for your dog to catch a cold or an infection due to a lowered immune system. You might want to consider including some supplements in his diet in order to boost his immunity. Preventing upper respiratory infections as well as urinary infections in these times is especially important for senior dogs or dogs that suffer from chronical health issues.

Hopefully, these Antarctica temperatures will soon be gone for good and you will be able to get back to your regular functioning, as well as your dog. When the “normal cold” comes back again, don’t forget that some temperatures might still be too low for your dog. And, now that you know something more about cold weather and dogs, don’t let any pup in your surrounding suffer from life-threatening hypothermia or frostbite.

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