How Does It Feel to Be a Dog Mom?

When you are in the middle of a hard and stressful workday, there is one thought that never fails to comfort you. You know that when you finally come back home, someone adorable and furry is waiting for you at the door.

There is nothing better than hugging your sweet pup right after you make the first step in your flat. Then you just put on your soft pajamas, flop down in an armchair, switch your favorite TV series on, and cuddle with your dog all evening long. At moments like this, you realize that being a dog mom is the most amazing thing you could ever imagine.

Having a cheerful, funny, cute, and loyal friend by your side is truly great. Your furry kid is always glad to smother your face with kisses and give you an endless amount of love. Let’s discuss why having a pup is one of the best things you in life.

Your Life Will Never be the Same

dog sitting next to owner using laptop

Do you remember when you saw your pup for the first time? We bet that it was a moment of love at first sight. When you brought this ball of fur to your house, your life changed for sure. Yes, these small imps can become real destroyers sometimes – they really like the taste of your new shoes and never miss an opportunity to turn your things into toys and chew them.

However, how can you be angry at these lovely creatures, especially when they give those “puppy eyes”? Bad habits are nothing as opposed to their cuteness (besides, they can be easily fixed). Indeed, when you have a dog-baby at home, you know that your evenings are always cozy and you will never give them up for big parties with your pals.

They Love You, and Their Love is Absolute

When you are a dog mom, your pup is everything for you. You exchange the real cosmic love with each other and know that this feeling will surely last forever. Pets love us unconditionally and don’t really care about our mistakes, failures, and weaknesses.

dog welcome home on brown mat

Maybe, one of the best feelings you have ever had in your life is one you experience towards your dog. Especially, at those moments when you are sitting at the monitor, drinking your morning coffee, or reading a book and your furry buddy places his head on your knee. He looks at your eyes, and you almost see the fluids of love that are spreading around.

Your Gloomy Days Are Gone Now

Having a dog means that you are never alone. Even in the darkest days of your life when you are about to go down with depression, there is someone who can cheer you up. Your pup is a real sunny for you, and he will always keep you smiling even when you get blues.

young lady kissing cat on the floor at the kitchen at homeA stress-relieving effect of a pet is similar to an online assignment help in Australia – when the world is ruining, there is always a beam of light you can follow. In most cases, when you feel anxious and sad, you don’t really want someone to hush-hush you with clichéd phrases and all that stuff. You just need real help – a comforting hug and speechless exchange of love and support. This is something you will always receive from your dog.

Cuddles Become Unlimited

There are no better cuddle partners than dogs. No really, they leave all living creatures behind when it comes to hugs. When you are deadly tired and want nothing but to lie in bed with someone warm and soft by your side, then your doggy will make a great company. At moments like this, you may think that the simplest things in life can be the best.

You Have Someone Who is Always Glad to See You

Do you know anyone who would feel that joyful to see you? Well, of course, your friends do appreciate your presence, but nobody is as glad to meet you as your pet. Dogs are sincere, and when you see your pup wagging his tail, you always know that he is happy. The most amazing moments of his life are the moments spent with you.

They Enjoy Everything You Do Together

happy woman playing on the beach with golden retriever

The best company for any activity in the world is surely a dog. Whether you are riding a bicycle, jogging, tiding your room, or simply chilling on your sofa, your pup will join you with pleasure. He equally appreciates both energetic adventures and lazy hours. He will never tell you that he is too tired to have a walk in the park or refuse to watch a melodrama. Your pup wants to be a part of your life and will opt for any decision you make. Well, maybe, sometimes you will have to motivate him with a small treat.

They Know How to Make Other People Adored

Yes, something that your doggie babe can do perfectly is being super-cute. Everybody falls for their bright eyes, funny ears, and wet noses! Isn’t it a great strategy to attract the attention of that handsome guy you met on the street? Your pet can become a kind of real heavyweights when you want to make somebody’s acquaintance.

They Like Traveling

Wherever you decide to go, your pup will support this idea. Are you willing to get some sunbathe on a beach? Do you want to spend your weekend hiking through the forest? Take your furry friend with you, and a simple recreation will turn into a real adventure. By the way, if you have a car, then your pup definitely loves to hang out of the window and enjoy the wind and the sun. They look great when they do so! And yes, they don’t mind if you play that Creedence song for the hundredth time.

They Will Always Make You Smile

The power of cuteness has no limits, so whatever your pup does, he is absolutely adorable. Whether he is being silly when running around the house with a broom in his mouth or doing some damage when tearing the wallpapers off, you cannot resist it and smile. It’s impossible to look at your doggie without those tender emotions. What is more, it is a proven psychological fact that dogs care about our feelings and wish to comfort us when we are unhappy.

They Value Lazy Weekends

Are you feeling too lazy to go out and make your weekend productive? No problem – grab your pet and have a nap time. You can lie in bed together from morning till night, and this will be the best do-nothingism in your entire life.


Some dog owners will say that having a dog is like having a child (only better). Indeed, being a pet mom means having someone who loves you forever and wholeheartedly no matter what you do and how you look like. Dogs are extremely empathic and communicative, so they are always glad to comfort you without words and support any of your plans.

They are glad to have a calm rest with you or to go a bit crazy and fool around. They are perfect companions, best friends, and helpers. Always by your side, always make you laugh and smile. So if you think whether you should become a dog mom or not – have no doubts! We bet that your everyday life will become brighter with a furry kid.

Author’s Bio:

Sandra Larson is a blogger and copywriter. She is an active animal shelter volunteer and an activist. In her personal blog, Sandra promotes the ideas of charity for homeless animals and shares recommendations on how to help them.

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