How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Your Dog

Celebrations always have a way of cheering us and bringing us in the mood. There are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your dog which will leave you wishing for another holiday to come along. You don’t have to exclude your dog from parties.

Imagine being caught in the middle of having to choose between either your dog or clubbing with friends during celebrations. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is always very important especially for the Irish people, and sometimes you may find yourself being caught in between your dog and friends. This should not be the case, especially for pet lovers.

Here are some ways in which you can celebrate this day with your dog and still have fun:

Treat Yourselves to Some Beer

Did you know that dogs have their own beer as well? You can decide to go to the club with your dog, and as you treat yourself to a glass of beer, you can get your dog some dog beer and pour it in its feeding bowl. Dog beer has become so common nowadays, unlike in the past where it could only be found in the USA. You can even make this more fun by dressing your dog on some St. Patrick’s Day dog costumes and you also put on some green and white attire.

Nonetheless, you should try to keep your dog from intoxicated people while at the pub. When people are drunk, they might become over excited when they see animals, and this might scare the dog or make it nervous and become aggressive. This might just ruin your St. Patrick’s Day with your dog.

A Special Treat for Your Dog

During the normal weekdays, you may find your schedule too tight to give some special treatment to your dog. Holidays like this can be the perfect time to take your dog for some St. Patrick’s Day dog treats. You can get some pet-friendly recipes online to use. It can just be indoors where you wear some kitchen apron and bake for your dog if you love baking.

If you are not so good in baking, then dress your pet in some dog St. Patrick’s Day clothes and you head to the nearest food store for some treats. However, it is important that you get to know what your dog can and cannot eat before heading out to the food store. If not, then you will end up with a sick dog if you let it eat any snacks and even streets. It is also advisable to carry along some dog treats too just in case things don’t work well.

Some St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Activities

Being a celebration day, there are several activities you can do with your dog just for fun. For instance, you can dress up your pet in some St. Patrick’s Day dog accessories then take it to participate in the dog parades. The Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day parade, for example, is not restricted to any dog owner provided you are dressed up in the right clothes. The clothes should have the St. Patrick’s Day dog colors for uniformity.

You can also decide to attend some pet-friendly St. Patrick’s festival and have fun. Most of these festivals are often conducted in parks without any entrance or parking charges. Here, your dog will be able to mingle with other dogs enjoy themselves, and you have fun as well. Besides, what is the purpose of St. Patrick’s Day without fun and a bit of festivity?

Nevertheless, you should always try so hard not to lose your dog since such places are always crowded and chaotic. Someone might just knock you by mistake, or you trip on something and let loose your dog. You can tie for your dog a tag around the neck with all the details including your phone number and address just in case you let go of the leash by mistake.

Take Your Dog for a Shopping Trip

Have you noticed that dogs are able to recognize new stuff just like kids? Why don’t you try getting something new for your dog on St. Patrick’s Day? Dressing up with your dog to go to the malls for some shopping will just make your dog have a lovely day. You can go get some new green St. Patrick’s Day dog collars and a matching green tie. You can even get a new green toy for your dog just to make it feel special.

Treating your dog for a St. Patrick’s Day dog picnic around the park can also do if you are out of options on what to do with your dog. A change of environment occasionally as you two spend some great time together is a good way to spend your St. Patrick’ Day with your dog. Let them run around sniffing the fresh air, jump in puddles and roll in the mud. After all, it’s a fun dog, and you want to enjoy the much that you can.

Organize a Party for Your Dog

Since dogs don’t have birthday parties, you can organize a party for your dog on this day. You can decide to decorate the house just for your dog and then invite your neighbors to dress up their dogs for the occasion. This way you can have fun with your fellow humans as the dogs have their party.

Nonetheless, you should not try to force your dog to a party if it’s not up to it. Not all dogs are party goers, some don’t like large crowds and the noises that comes with partying. Instead, they prefer to stay calm indoors and play with their chew toys or just rest.


St. Patrick’s Day being a day of honoring the world’s greenest day of the year, it is important to ensure that your dog has at least some green attire. The celebration doesn’t have to be messy and noisy, you want to have fun and ensure that your dog is having fun too. You can even decide to take photos just for fun. This means that you must try and create conditions that will favor both you and your dog. If you are an ever-busy person, then you should try and utilize this opportunity to the maximum and make it up for your dog.

Are you finding a challenge deciding on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your dog?

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Scott J. Pine is a pet blogger and a freelance writer who loves to explore absolutely new areas of writing about pets and travel adventures. His hobbies are pet care, and autos. Scott is also a creator of AllPetsExpert.

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