Meet Max.. He’s cute, he’s spunky and he’s loved!

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Name: Max
Breed: Lhasa Apso Mix
Location: Fremont, CA

My name is Max.

From what I remember I was adopted as a puppy from a nice family. At first I was so happy I found a home where they fed me, potty trained me, taught me cool tricks to do and life was great. I don’t know what happened in the next few years. I must have did something wrong or my owners thought I was too much trouble. I was left outside a lot and I remember my belly feeling hungry and I was thirsty a lot, too. My fur started to get dirtier and messier and my ears itched with gnats in both of them.

I had 15 cysts on my body (I was born like that) and one of them got big and popped and then it started to itch and hurt. Flies were landing on it and laid eggs. Maggots started to grow in them which I guess wasn’t so bad since they clean the wound. It hurt so much I would howl and rub my butt on anything just to relieve it. As the days and weeks went by I kept getting dirtier, more hungry and weak. I missed seeing my family. It was very hot some days and some nights were very cold. I was very lonely.

One day the owners took me on a car ride to a place smelled funny and I got very scared.  I heard the words “adamant on euthanasia.” I did not know what that meant, but the nice lady Dr. they handed me over to had a look on her face like she didn’t want that and knew I was suffering from my howling.  I went into a room where I was assessed and she told the owners that it would cost a lot of money and time to help me. The word “euthanasia” popped up again from my owners. The kind Dr. persuaded my owners to surrender me, which they did, and I stayed with nice Dr. lady at the hospital where they took care of gnat filled ears, itchy yeast paws, my cysts, the skin infection filled with maggots, and matted, yucky, stinky fur.

I went to the A.S.P.C.A, then to Toy Breed Rescue in San Jose, CA, and then to a nice lady who had other dogs she was rescuing and adopting out.

That’s when I found my new humans.

I was the first dog my new Mommy ever had and wow, she spoils me rotten. New Daddy and new Mommy said money is no object and all my boo-boo’s are gone. I have lots of beds and they even take me to my own doggie dermatologist to help fix my stubborn ear infection. I get groomed every 3 weeks, I eat the best foods and treats, fresh water every day and hugs and kisses, too. I live inside their house and I even get 3 walks every day for exercise.

My new dog mommy even rocks me to sleep every night and whispers in my ear that they love me very much and I’ll never be hungry or suffer again.

Life is heaven now.

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