Buddy, the Lovable Lab

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cute red lab mix puppy dog happy and smiling in his home

Name: Buddy
Breed: Red Lab Mix
Location:  Williston, VT
Human: Samantha Beatty

Buddy was born in South Carolina where his mom and siblings were found ragged in the streets. They were rescued by a lovely team of animal lovers and came up to Vermont to be adopted!

At the same time, Samantha had been searching for the perfect puppy on every rescue site you can think of. When she came across a photo of Buddy, she knew right then and there that she had to meet him. Once arrived at his foster mom’s house, Buddy and Samantha fell in love at first sight.

Buddy has been a part of the family for 2 months now and he has helped her so much with her struggles with anxiety. He tags along to work with her every day. In the office, he happily greets new people and barks at the trucks that come and go. When she is feeling anxious or starting to have a panic attack, she will lay down with Buddy as he licks her face as if telling her that she will be okay. Even though he is just a puppy, the two have a strong connection.

When the family leaves to run errands, they put Buddy in his cage for a few hours. Once they return, he barks like crazy while giving kisses and running around in circles as if he’s yelling at them for leaving him! Samantha has had dogs in the past, but Buddy is truly the silliest and most special pup she has come across.

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