Dakota is a fast learner and a smooth talker!

Owner: Lindsay Cook
Name: Dakota
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Location:  Starkville, MS

Dakota is an absolutely adorable 4-month-old Alaskan Husky puppy living it up in Mississippi – this week’s Pet of the Week! He was dropped off at a shelter when he was 2 months old after his first owners decided they didn’t want him. Lindsay saw his profile and was quick to scoop him up from the shelter. He’s cute as a button and full of puppy curiosity and energy. Dakota loves to “talk” with his human non-stop and has quickly become her best friend.

For being so young, he’s surprised his owner with how quickly he took to training. Dakota is fully potty trained, and can already sit, lay down, shake, and give high fives (he likes to do this with two paws). Thanks to Lindsay for sharing this cutie with us, we hope you continue to make awesome memories together!





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