Koda, the Little Angel

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Cute grey kitten sleeping

Name: Koda
Breed: Domestic Long Hair Main Coon Mix
Location:  Waterbury, CT
Human: Kim Dodge

Koda will always be momma’s little boy!

He was born January 12 and was waiting for the right owner to come along. Kim searched and searched for the perfect kitty until she found Koda! She happily picked him up on March 2nd and ever since then, he has been her purrfect little boy.

Koda loves sleeping with Kim whether it’s under the blankets or on her face depending on how he feels! He is the most adventurous indoor cat you’ll ever meet! He loooves climbing furniture and cat trees even though he occasionally gets stuck and starts meowing for a little help down–what a dork! If you stand in the kitchen too long making his food Koda will sit on your feet to remind you he’s there, staring at you with eyes that yell, “I’m hungry! Don’t forget about my food!”.

There must be a kitten racetrack in the living room because he loves to run around the living room and pretend to be a race car! When he gets tired from zooming around here and there, he will curl up on Kim’s shoulder and purr himself to sleep.

“He is my little angel, a blessing. He is beyond perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better kitty.” –Kim


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