Lulu the Beagle, has a Mischievous Side!

pet of the week

Name: Lulu K.
Breed: Beagle Mix
Location: Shoreview, MN
Human: Reed K.
Miss Lulu is a sweet girl and beautiful girl with a gorgeous coat. She has a reputation for being a naughty pooch, and has been given the nick name Lulu Brin for those moments. Lulu loves to sleep under the covers, and in fact – won’t fall asleep until she is all tucked in! If no one pulls up the covers for Lulu, she resorts to sitting and staring expectantly.

No matter what she’ll always find a way to watch her humans eat dinner. Her person Reed, explained that it was “just last week, she was at the bottom of the steps peering over watching us.” She also loves to play “Find It” where we hide a treat and she looks for it. This sweet girl is a huge part of the family, and we are so happy to call her our Pet Of The Week winner!

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