Mable, the Goofy Pug

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cute black pug with child family

Name: Mable
Breed: Pug
Location:  Harlem, Georgia
Human: Shell Helpingstine

Mable was only 18 months old when she was already with pups. A human dropped her off at a local high kill shelter and she was placed in a kennel with all her pups. Shell regularly volunteers at the shelter and one day, she saw Mable there in the small kennel. The little pug was stuck on Shell’s mind all day. When she got home that evening, she discussed adopting Mable with her husband. It was perfect since they had wanted a pug of their own for quite a while.

So that was it, Shell immediately went to the shelter and adopted Mable right away! Unfortunately, when taken to the vet, Mable was diagnosed with a difficult case of heartworms. Heartworms are very easy and cheap to prevent but extremely costly to treat. Shell didn’t want to give up on her new lovable pup. The family did whatever it took to get Mable healthy!

Mable is now living happily with Shell and her family. The loyal and goofy pug is living the life she deserved all along.

“We are blessed to have her in our life.” –Shell

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